So, why you should be Marketing on
YouTube is a big question? How
can you easily create a Youtube
Video Marketing Channel and grow it
and why would you want to?

There are massive benefits to be
growing your YouTube as evidenced
in the report below.

What this means, is that Video is
huge right now and beginning to
dominate Social Platforms as we all
know. Customers and followers are
more likely to be attracted by
short videos than a long script of
Text. People are also becoming
immune to most Ads we see as we are
constantly bombarded by them. We
need a pattern interrupt to get
their attention.

Maybe something like this.

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After you have been using Youtube
for a while, you’ll have a whole
library of your videos you can call
on. You could embed the YouTube
videos into your blog posts with a
few simple clicks, making your blog
posts more dynamic and engaging.

Man making Youtube Post
Man making and woman filming Youtube story

Youtube Marketing Income News

Now, get this Interesting fact.
Youtube Music and YouTube Premium
have over 20 million paying
subscribers. Also their TV
subscription Service is over Two
Million in numbers in the US. That Trend,
seems to indicate a pretty
successful Business doesn’t it?

Here are new details reported by
their Chief Executive Officer
Sundar Pichat.

He is CEO of Google’s Parent firm
Alphabet. This is also the first
time their Advertising residue has
been revealed.

Take a look, It can be noted that
the 22 Million paying subscribers
represent ONLY 1% of Youtube’s 2
foresee a lot more room to increase
their overall earnings income.

Clapperboard for Youtube Filming post
Clapperboard Making Youtube film Clip

What is a standout Comment on
Future YouTube Trends?

Of particular interest to us, was
an add-on they see progressively
growing income through NEW

And guess what, this means there is
going to be a very good market for
Marketers to produce Time Saving,
Repetitive search tasks and Niche
Research Tools, for the short and
long term.

Also, their share prices appear a
good investment still. Their
current price today 10th Feb was
$1470. Current low for a 52 week
period was $1027 and High for 52
week period was $1500. According to
INVESTOPEDIA they are a good
Investment. You can read the
article HERE.

And yet, there are two matters of
note. Firstly they do not pay
Dividends on Class ‘A’ Shares and
secondly, they have suffered some
problems through Data Privacy
concerns which have affected their
Market marginally.

Important Search Data

Moreover, Google has 75% of the
internet search market and 85% of
the mobile search market’ This
produces a massive profit factor
for the company.

For instance, this could be the
mainstay in making Google a safe
investment. Nearly 90% of Google’s
earnings and revenues come from

YouTube has said it is still “Early
Days” for their over $15 Billion Ad
Revenue for 2019. This was up a
massive 31% on the previous year on
sales of an eye watering 72

Think about this. They say this was
MARKETING methods.

Can anyone see Youtube Opportunities,
Ideas and my best tip, Youtube Marketing
Courses for Business and small
Business here? Lead Generation?
List Building?

You can read all the statistics in
the Original Article HERE.

Now before I go on, I see some
people at Bloomberg, are
disappointed with these finally
revealed figures. You can read that
short article HERE.

So let me ask you, $15 Billion,
disappointed hmmnnnn.


That’s why I hope this has shown you
several reasons why you should be
Marketing on Youtube now and for
the next few years certainly.

As I said before, in future posts I
will be talking about Marketing and
building your Channel.

YouTube. Is it Unlike Any Other
Social Media Channels?

There’s just one more thing to
consider – I think in order to
succeed you have to approach this
differently from other Social

What I am talking about is, on Instagram
and Facebook for example, you need to
create and share great content or
personal experiences. The idea then
is to creating awareness,
engagement, and a line of

My point is, I don’t think this is
how most people use YouTube.
YouTube videos are more like blog
posts. People come to view, learn,
digest and be entertained by
videos, not just someone sharing
their thoughts of the day.

That’s why you should approach your
YouTube Channel with ideas for
generating content, instead of
social media marketing.

Some key differences between Media
highlight this

People are most likely to find your videos on YouTube by earching for them directly, or when they pop-up in the feed of other relevant content.

Thus, the idea on YouTube is watching
videos, not talking about them.

That’s right, It’s about Education or
Entertainment. Comments do have
Link value and show engagement,
but the idea is to make a great user experience.

Many people come to YouTube with
the intention of sitting down and
watching a certain Video or a new
video by their favorite Youtuber.
They don’t just spin through a
feed as they do on Facebook.

Anyway, by approaching YouTube as a
platform for content instead of a
social one, you can create stronger
videos that will perform well.

Remember, YouTube is the 2nd most
commonly used search engine after
Google. Content can quickly rank
and show up on the 1st Page of
Google. This can be a massive
benefit for you.

Amazon Recommended Cameras for

I’d like to show you 3 of the
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YouTube filming as rated by
Bloggers and Reviewers. They are
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Finally, see for your-self, one of
the most interesting benefits is
that the majority of small and
local Businesses are not using
Youtube in their Marketing. This
means less competition for you to
help them.

Below is a great YouTube Cheatsheet,
because you read on this far, a detailed
multi-link Cheatsheet on Youtube
Digital Marketing FREE for you

This resource has the latest News,
Tips and Strategies from across the
Internet. It will save you hours of
research and has many Questions
answered and comprehensive How-to
features, to grow your knowledge
and get you up and running quickly,
so you can start making money.

You can get your FREE Youtube
Marketing Cheatsheet HERE

What this all boils down to is
quite clear for Digital Marketers.

As the figures show, Youtube is
growing and extremely profitable.
You should get your Channel up and
running with the Niche of Your
choice. As a Marketer you should be
helping small business to get on
board and consider developing Tools
and Apps for Youtube and Ecommerce.

What tool would you like to see?
What would make your life easier?

Filming Youtube Clip post image
Filming Youtube Video

In an upcoming post, I will be
sharing how to develop your own App
and make more money.

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the Cheatsheet useful and
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