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Today I am going to talk about
Opportunity. I think this is a
great word for 2020s.

How do you define opportunity?

Opportunity I would say is being in
the right place at the right time,
to carry out or take part in a
combination of chance and
circumstances for a purpose,
nowadays, usually seen as being of
benefit mainly to yourself, or an
opening to add value to other
people in ways that align to who
you are.

It can also be a suitable
occasion or combination of

The Business Dictionary defines
this as a benefit, profit, or value
of something that must be given up
to acquire or achieve something

Since every resource (Time,
Money, and Land , etc.) can be put
to alternative uses, every action,
choice, or decision, has an
associated cost.
But here’s a great thought.

Man getting - New Opportunity?
New Opportunity here

Why Wait? Create
Opportunities Yourself!

The power of positive thinking
flows to help you. Goal setting
will also help. Another great
poplar example is the Law of
Reciprocity, very popular with
Marketers at present.

Know your limits. – You can’t
always be perfect.
Open your eyes. Wider – There’s a
lot going on
Meet new people
Speak out. You have a question? Ask
someone. Express yourself.
There’s more than 1 way to skin a
cat as they say. Think more
Keep Growing and learning

Luck figure New Opportunity
Opportunity Coming

A great speaker who talks a lot
about opportunity is Tony Robbins
and I am going to talk about him a
little and educate you with some of
his best Opportunity Quotes, to get
you going for the week ahead.

So who is Tony Robbins?

Anthony Jay Robbins (born Anthony
J. Mahavoric in 1960) is an
American author, life coach, and
philanthropist. Robbins is an
Orator known for his infomercials,
seminars, and self-help books
including the books Unlimited Power
and Awaken the Giant Within.

Robbins began his career promoting
seminars for motivational speakers
and and author Jim Rohn, when he
was 17 years old. In the early
1980s, soon after meeting
Neurolinguistic Programming
co-founder John Grinder, the two
became partners.

At this time Robbins taught NLP and
Ericksonian Hypnosis. In 1983
Tony Robbins famously learned to
Fire-walk, and incorporated it into his seminars.

Milton H. Erickson is
recognized as one of the two
central figures in the field of
hypnosis during the 20th Century.

You can Read more HERE

And also HERE

So here are Opportunity Quotes for
you for the Week ahead. Be prepared
to look around you more.

Expect Change Opportunity Quote Opportunity Blog Post
Opportunity Quote Tony Robbins
Opportunity is around you everyday Opportunity Quote
Opportunity Quote Unknown
Identift your Problems Opportunity Quote
Tony Robbins Opportunity Quote
Every Problem is a Gift Opportunity Quote
Tony Robbins Opportunity Quote
A pessimist sees the opportunity Opportunity Quote
Winston Churchill Quote
If Opportunity does not knock Opportunity Quote
Milton Berle Quote
Your past does not equal you futureOpportunity Quote
Tony Robbins Opportunity Quote


So there it is. The Learning?

When opportunity presents itself,
don’t be afraid to go after it

Be alert be looking for
your chance. Before you can see
it, you have to be looking
for it.
Be willing to read and research.
They say knowledge is power, and
it’s true. You deserve it -you CAN
do it.

This can help you advance in 2020
into a new career in Social Media
. Take advantage of free
courses that offer certification
such as the Hubspot Academy.

Lucky Opportunity 4 Leaf Clover
Feeling Lucky?

They offer Learning
and Certification.
Read more HERE.

If you have found this useful or Inspiring consider the Amazon Books I have highlighted for you. (I may receive a small affiliate payment at no extra cost to yourself). Tony Robbins is a Powerful Speaker and this is reflected in his books.

Also, please smash this out to 3 of your friends on Social Media. The power of Reciprocacy? That’s great.

All the best

Paul Watts

Paul Watts
Paul Watts

Many years of Life Experience, lastly as a Hotelier and a Coffee Shop and Indian Restaurant owner. I like to try the unusual. Now retired for the last 3 years living the Laptop lifestyle.

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