Aristotle said “ Happiness depends
on ourselves.”

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That is maybe true, but happiness
isn’t just something that happens
to you. You need to work towards it
every day. It’s part of a series of
decisions you can positively make.

Are you too busy? Try these quotes
and tips to start being happy.

This is the simple thought we
sometimes lose sight of. But the
good news is, a lot of research has
been done and several easy things
have been identified that I will
share with you, to try and help you
feel happier.

Lao Tzu- a great philosopher once said;
Be content with what you have.
Rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
The whole world belongs to you.

He probably lived in about the 6th Century BC and is credited with founding Taoism and was a deep thinking scholar. Taoism has some interesting concepts and you can read more HERE

Being Happy is a big challenge for us all at this unusual time of the CoronaVirus.

Whether you are still working, an executive or an assembly line worker, unemployed, a stay at home Mum or Dad, it is hard to stay focused and positive when there are a lot of problems around us
But you see, part of the problem is that we are not all equipped the same. And it starts from an early age. You can learn a lot of facts to get you started but where are the answers you need?

There is not usually a’ How to be Happy in life’ course at school. You use your powers of observation and the values your parents instill in you.

However, your big Brother – Google, is out there now and everything you want to know is actually there, right there, in front of you online, if you know how to research it properly.

But the big question is how can you build Happiness skills to increase your happiness, if you don’t know what areas you are struggling with?
Would you really bother trying to be happier if you did not think you could succeed?

See? It’s not easy – but you should have the confidence – You CAN do it and you WILL do it
So what we are going to concentrate on today is – Creating a Positive Vibe. This is part of my well-being positive mindset and happiness series that I don’t want to make too long a read.

Let’s start with some Happy Quotes

Too busy? try these quotes and tips to start being happy compassion quote
Happy Quote1
Too busy Try these quotes and tips to start being happy - enjoy life that is to be happy
Too busy? Try these quotes and tips and start being happy - just because you got money doesn't mean you are gong to be happy
Too busy? Try these quotes and tips and start being happy.  - happiness depends on ourselves
Happy quote
Too Busty? Try these quotes and tips and start being happy  - be happy with being you
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• Creating a Positive Vibe

True happiness comes from deep feelings inside yourself.
It’s easy to dwell on a bad problem or negative experience and go round and round. But it’s done – you may or may not be able to change that but thinking about it is OK.

You would probably not be able to ignore it anyway.

Try and find a good point you can focus on. For example – ‘ I’m too fat’. Well I could start to lose weight. A lot of people like me the way I am. I have a big heart . I could start a little exercise. Plus size is fashionable. Being too skinny does not look good either. Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. Everyone is beautiful to someone.

Imagine you were talking to your best friend. Would they not
support you? Of course they would.

Move away from a negative train of thought.

• Start a Gratitude Journal

Make your list of 5 things you
feel grateful for in your life on a
daily basis.

This can be your house, your
family, your pets anything you want
to give thanks for.

So when you are getting the bad
vibes, give yourself a few moments
to get your gratitude book out to
remind you of the good things in
your life.

Studies from 2015 show that
challenging your negative thoughts
to a more positive one that you can
learn from will really help you
feel better and move on.

It is good to consider your line of

Is it just because my feelings are
upset or is there some
justification for this?

Anyway, recognize it, learn from it
and move on.

  • You are not someone else – you are You

You can’t really compare yourself
to your boss, neighbor or Movie
star. You are you.

It is of no value looking at someone else and comparing yourself.
They may not be happy or satisfied where they are anyway. All you have to do is compare yourself to where you were previously.

Have you learnt more, done more ?

Find something good and write it
down. There is never any need to be
jealous of someone else. Don’t
waste you time.

• The Obstacle Course

There will always be another problem coming along.

The first thing to do is remember this. Take a step back and a few deep breaths to relax. Is there something positive you can focus on? Can you learn and improve.

Maybe , relevant now, your firm closes and you lose your job.

Is there an Online Course you have always wanted to learn to acquire? A new skill that could lead to a new career? Try and find your new focus.

But there is one more thing. For a positive frame of mind, compliment yourself frequently.

Recognise your talents and skills and accomplishments.

For example, I drove really well then and anticipated that guy would do a red light, I really made some great cookies.

This is a great fix. Tell yourself you did a great job. You probably did. Give yourself credit for it and feel good or great.

Let the good times flow.

This is part of my Happiness and Well-Being series.

So, Too busy? Try these quotes and tips to start being Happy.

I hope you have found something useful today.

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Take care out there AND REMEMBER

You can’t have Everything. Where would you put it?

Steven Wright

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