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How do I write a blog post?

How do you format a good blog post?

Here is a great resource of my top tips for you today for the How to write a Blog Post formula and how to structure a blog post.

Here are some of the basics to get you started.

Then see Neil Patel’s 5 Point Blog Post Formula as shown in his great Video, a 5.50min watch.

Blog Structure.

  1. Don’t panic. Relax. Imagine you are talking to a friend. Keep it simple. Write a great killer headline. In the standard way we could use a verb and some of your key-word topics in the header, sub-header and first paragraph. For more engagement we could use surpise, curiousity, greed or other powerful emotions.
  2. Write a compelling introduction.
  3. Use bullet points.
  4. Break up the body with sub-headlines.
  5. Write the body of the blog post article.
  6. Use 2-3 relevant images.
  7. Use spell-check in word or grammarly to check your blog structure words and content.
  8. How many words is a good blog post?

Many “expert” bloggers say that “shorter is better,” that a blog post structure should never be more than 600-700 words long. It’s said that online readers have short attention spans and don’t want to read long articles. True maybe, but the best content is a Pillar content post of 2000-4000 words.

Now here is the Video:– a video on How to write a blog post from start ti finish By Top Blogger Neil Patel.

Summary of the Video.

Neil uses a 5 Part formula for every post. This leads to consistency and easy reading every time.

Here is the Formula:

  • How to and list posts are always winners. If you are stuck for a good title Neil recommends using Magazines for inspiration.

My favorite Magazines are Cosmopolitan and Mens Health. A Google search for Cosmopolitan Magazine covers 21018 reveals these gems which you could creatively adapt.

[Trust us these moves will have you smiling for a week]

[When the guy you love doesn’t take your story seriously]

[The secret to being unstoppable]

[Lose your belly fat fast going…going…gone]


Use a Hook and bold statements. Preview what you are going to talk about.

3.  BODY.

Use sub-headings. 5-6 lines per paragraph. Short sentences for people to skim.


This will give you more credibility and authority and makes you look like an expert. You can READ MORE HERE.



content marketing
make money on line
How to write a blogpost
blog post formula
You can learn to do this and you will grow.

There’s not many better blogs than Neil Patel’s.

Follow his system as per the Video to provide great information in a consistent manner every time.

Check the content and Grammar before posting and provide attractive relevant pictures.

Post your content to your blog and Social Media Accounts.

Paul Watts
Paul Watts

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