The Morning After: Preparing for Apple’s 2019 iPhone event

The Morning After: Preparing for Apple's 2019 iPhone event

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to your weekend! While we keep the news flowing from IFA, you can catch up on some new stories from Friday as well as a few highlights from earlier this week. Plus, it’s the perfect time to prepare for A…

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Here is an Interesting Technology Round-up Post for you today. There is going to be a lot of Social Media Coverage for these items.

There are articles on the new super Huawei Airpods,  ‘One of the best laptops you can get’,  and Apple’s  iphone  2019 Event this Tuesday.

At the bottom of the page the 4th article: watch Ford Mustang…. video and talks about the surprising power of the upcoming Electric Cars.

Are Electric cars going to be the story of 2020?

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Paul Watts
Paul Watts

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