Image of AI Lil Mequila
Do you know who this is?

“The robots are coming for your

In this article you can learn about
important changes happening now you
should be aware or, not just for
Social Media Marketing Influencers
and whether there job is safe and
how this can affect all us

That is what a lot of workers have
heard for years as technology
marches forward and changes the way
we live. An example could be Robot
Baristas making your Coffee.
But I ask the question now, is the
Job of the Influencer in Marketing just
as vulnerable as the assembly line
with the recent advent of A.I.

What is Influencer Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, Influencer
marketing (a.k.a. influence
marketing) is a form of social
media marketing involving
endorsements and product placements
from influencers, people and
organizations who possess a
purported expert level of
knowledge] and/or social influence
in their respective fields.

Influencer content may be shaped as
testimonial advertising where
influencers play the role of a
potential buyer themselves, or they
may be involved as third parties.
You can read more HERE.

What is an Influencer?

There is a lack of consensus on
what an “influencer” is. One writer
defines them as “a range of third
parties who exercise influence over
the organization and its potential
customers”. Another defines an
influencer as a “third party who
significantly shapes the customer’s
purchasing decision, but may never
be accountable for it”.

One of the better-known A.I.
influencers today is Lil Miquela, a
Model and Musician created by
California robotics and A.I.
startup Brud. (Picture above).

According to CreatorIQ, an
influencer marketing platform that
helps companies run campaigns with
content creators, Lil Miquela has
more than 1.8 million followers
across her social platforms, with
the bulk coming from Instagram.

On Instagram, she has a 2.54%
engagement rate on recent posts,
putting her squarely on par with
the typical human influencer,
according to CreatorIQ’s analytics.

Lil Miquela’s audience is mostly
female (73%), with 58% between the
ages of 18 and 24, per CreatorIQ.
The top interests of her followers
are: TV and film, fashion, and

In my opinion, this is a little
disturbing – people need jobs. It’s
unclear where this is going, but
major advances look imminent.

A.I. and Social Media Content

You can some surprising things
major Brands have been doing. Read
more Here……

Top image of Lil Miquela Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Next, I have researched another great article for you
on How to make Viral
Post Content.

How do I make great shareable Content?

It’s nearly impossible to predict
what content will actually go
“viral,” but it is possible to
predict which content will become
highly sharable.

This means that as a Marketer, you
can reverse-engineer the process of
creating engaging, high-quality
content to create similar types of

This is why you see content – like
How-to articles, List Posts – 10
reasons why… and Infographic Posts
appear time and time again. This
stands out whatever site you’re
visiting. This is because this type
of content that’s been proven to

Jonah Berger, a renowned author,
studied over 7,000 New York Times
articles to see which kinds of
articles had the most sharing. What
he found was that the most
successful articles had some kind
of emotional trigger.

You can read and learn from his
important research. There are three
key elements of making any great
shareable content. You can read
more HERE

ial Media Content Marketing


Big changes in Social Media
Marketing appear to be ahead. I
think it is vital to monitor this
as ultimately all content could
just be produced rapidly by a
machine and that might not be very helpful for Digital Marketers.

In the meantime – Take action. If
you have found this post
interesting please share with a
friend on Social Media. Thanks very

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Paul Watts
Paul Watts

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