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Everyday Blog Tips
Blogging SEO Tips
SEO Blogging tips
Blogging tips for my business
SEO Tips are needed everywhere

Whether you need tips on starting a
blog or are a seasoned blogger in
need of a refresher on the
fundamentals, this list of terms,
content, and SEO blogging tips is
sure to improve your domain
authority, user experience and
monetization opportunities.

For a lot of us out there, our blog
is our baby, driving us forward
with the opportunity to
improve ourselves. We have spent
endless hours on design and
redesign so that we can achieve our
target, our ideal purpose.

What is that?

To have a great looking Blog and
Website that will help us make a
lot of money to change our
lifestyle and that of others.

Then after all that,

Nothing seems to happen, why aren’t
we getting the traffic to the blog
and the results we expect.

A blog is a necessary/essential
part of our business these days and
we can do so much with it via our

However, just because we have this
new good looking sexy website and
our beautiful Blog, it does not
mean that our site is visible in
the search results and more
importantly, not visible to our
potential customers.

Consequently many factors can affect
why we ‘cannot be seen’.

What is a SERP

A search engine results page (SERP)
is the list of results that a
search engine returns in response
to a specific word or phrase query.
… Web designers and site owners
use search engine optimization
(SEO) methods to make their sites
and pages appear at or near the top
of a SERP

Therefore I will try and give you
some simple SEO Tips for your blog
to help you maybe learn more and
set your business up with a greater
chance of success.

So, let’s start by defining:
What visibility actually is and

SEO Blogging Tips
Blogging tips for SEO
Tips when blogging
Blogging tips for business
Lets’ get understanding

what is ranking?

In SEO and SEM terms, rank (or
ranking, position)
refers to where
a Website or page is ranked within
search engine results such as

For this reason, if for example, your
website is about cameras, when a
person queries “cameras” in Google
or another search engine, your
ranking indicates where in the
search results page your site is
listed (e.g. within the top 5
results, on the first page, the
20th page and so on).

But let’s consider – Who goes past
the 3rd page though?

A web page rank within a search
engine is also commonly called a

This is a bit heavy but I think you
should try to understand it as it
is a bit Crucial to what we do.

Search Engine Marketing is a type
of internet-based marketing
associated with the researching,
submitting and positioning of a
Website within the Search Engine in
order for us to achieve maximum
visibility and increase our share
of paid and/or Organic (unpaid)
traffic referrals from search

SEM involves things such as search
engine SEO, Keyword Research,
competitive analysis, paid listings
and other search engine services
that will increase search traffic
to your site.

Therefore you can now see it is a bit
complicated but if some basics are
not done we will be going nowhere.
Word of mouth by friends and family
will not do it any more.

SEO versus SEM

A ranking is the position in which
your website appears in search
SEM is a broader term than SEO.
Where SEO aims to provide better
organic search results, SEM helps
you successfully target users of
search engines via advertising
(paid) links.

This is in addition to organic search to send
targeted traffic to your website.
Ranking between 1 to 10 usually
means that your website will appear
on page 1 in desktop search

Anything after 10th position will
most likely place your website on
the second page and thereafter.

Visibility is the percentage score
your website is assigned based on
your websites rankings and click
through rates. 0% visibility
means that none of your website
pages rank in the top 50 positions
in search engine results.

100% visibility means that you are
ranking well (page 1 in search
results) for all your keywords

You can (if you really want to)
work out what specific Keywords
people search for to find your
website pages e.g. SEO Blogging Tips.

SEO Blogging tips
Blogger Tips
Blogging tips for business
There a lot to SEO

What is the difference between organic
ranking vs. paid rankings in the
natural placement of your website
in search results?

It is worth noting, that all the
‘Big Boys and Girls’ who have
massive budgets, are paying and
succeeding through this form of
advertising at present.

I don’t think we can
compete with Giant Companies :

As a result, that is why we must
organically try to surpass them.
All this is determined by search
engines and a number of site
factors and algorithms can
affect this position.

A paid ranking, means that your
website should appear in the top
3-4 or so page 1 placements How
much you pay depends on how
competitive the keywords you
are bidding on are, or the
share of impressions
you would like to attain.

Now this is not the cost to be
here, but I will just show a few

If you want to pay to be ahead of
the queue with Google AdWords (A
subject for another day) to be on
top you would have to pay this sum
every time your Ad is clicked not
purchased, clicked:

For ‘Healthy Recipes’

searches 135,000 $1.51 0.24
So there are a lot of searches
135,000 estimated. Some people use
a $10 budget to test products.
Would that last long? No not
practical for most of us.

“Cooking recipes for kids’
6,600 $1.06 0.32

If you were a Dentist in Manhattan,
you would be paying $8.12 here.

Best dentist Manhattan
170 $8.12 0.44
Ideally, an organic ranking is best
as you don’t have to pay for any
position. That is why a sound SEO
and content strategy
is key to
long-term success.

When you stop paying your Ad
Ad stops displaying and is
finished until you top up or change

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a search
engine ranking score developed by
Moz that predicts how well a
website will rank on search engine
result pages (SERPs).

A Domain Authority score ranges from
1 to 100, with the higher scores
corresponding to a higher ability
to rank.

Therefore a Domain Authority in the
range of 40 and 50 is considered as average,
and between 50 and 60 is considered good
and + 60 is considered excellent.

Checking your domain’s performance
on Moz Open Site Explorer can give
you an idea on how well your
website is ranking on search

How you can improve your website’s

There are various ways to ensure
your website pages are
indexed by Google, therefore
improving visibility and ultimately
rankings in search results.

Here are 8 good SEO Tips to
start using from today.

Start with the Beginning basics by
filling in all the Fields you are given.
Make sure all the boxes are filled in.
Simple Names for each page, Tags
and Categories completed.

Your website will be checked over
by Robot Search engines that will
try to find out who you are and
what you do. They are looking for
simple Text Keywords. Help them, it
is worth your while.

SEO Blogging Tips
Blogging Tips
Blogger tips
Blogging Tips for business
Call me SEO Blogging Tips

Another great SEO Blogging Tip is to name
your Image briefly – linking the post
and the image so if people click on
your image it goes to wherever you
put your link. The Robots can’t see
the image but read the Text and
know what is what.

If you cannot do basic WordPress
Skills assuming you have a
WordPress Website, it is necessary
to find someone who can do this for
you, as WordPress is very good by
giving a home to all sorts of tools
by way of an upload called a
WP Plugin.

You can find the people to assist
you at FIVERR or UPWORK.

Now – A great favorite:

How to do Keyword Research

Keyword research will allow you to
identify all possible keywords
relating to your product/service
and the average search volume per
month for them.

Include those keywords in your
website content to gain visibility.

Keyword research can assist with
supplying relevant topics based on
long tail keywords and featured
snippet questions.

Here are 3 really great resources
for research.

Keywords Everywhere has an
extension for Chrome which is most
useful for instant visual research.
Gives estimated search Term cost
and numbers
Keyword Shitter
(Excuse the name – Incredible
Enter KW in box LHS, scroll down
and click next box
Long Tail Keyword Generator

Another great Tip here is to see
what your competitors or the top
Bloggers are doing.

You can reverse engineer their
statistics by entering their
URL in search fields as
indicated at:

What will this tell us you may say?
EVERYTHING – is the answer.

The main deal is that you can see
the Keywords they are Ranking for,
which are their best performing
ones and their best Posts.

This is the veritable Goldmine.
They have done all the work
for you. It is sometimes
interesting to see the more obscure
KWs they use to get traffic.

People always say – you don’t need
to re-invent the wheel when you can
use theirs.

This really is one of the best SEO
Blogging Tips there is. You can do
your Keyword Research and you still
may not be sure, but when you can
see what Top Keywords a true
professional like Neil Patel may be
using, you can gain a big insight
into this ‘World’.

Meta Tags and Descriptions.

Don’t know what a Meta Title and
Descriptions are?

Title tags and Meta descriptions
are bits of HTML code in the header
of a web page. They help search
engines understand the content on a
page. A page’s title tag and Meta
description are usually shown
whenever that page appears in
search engine results.

They help robots understand what is
most important about the content on
the page by repeating part of the
keyword phrases that would be found
in article titles and content.

Make sure all your website pages
are marked up with optimized Meta
titles and descriptions. This is
because they can be seen.

How Long Should a Meta Title Be?

Search engine robots may only read
no more than 155 characters,
So keep the robots happy. Aim for
150 characters, and you should be

Think why would a potential website
visitor seeing your meta title and
description in search results, what
would entice them to click through
to your website as opposed to a
competitor’s site?

There is a good article HERE that
is quite readable.

Write good content and Keywords for
every page.

Make sure that the content is
written not just for your people that come to
your site, but also for the search engines.

Sprinkle your Keywords sensibly
into articles. Repeating a Keyword
Too many times e.g. blogging tips,
blogging tips are useful, useful
blogging tips is called Keyword
stuffing and extensive use will not
be liked by Google and does not
really make sense anyway.

Have a prepared list of Keywords to
refer to and tick them off as you
write your sentences. Use common
sense for relevance to the

Quick tip: You can use Wikipedia
for many subjects. A search on the
subject of “Blogging” here reveals
a lot of data and keywords in blue
writing you could insert into your

You can see that HERE.
Build a blog strategy and keep at
it. ‘Blogging’ can be very hard
work but I personally get a lot of
satisfaction passing good
information on to people.

A good Blog Post, improves your visibility
in search engines and has the added benefit
of being shareable to Social Media.

Also, in every Blog Post you should
have a good call to action (CTA
) in
the last sentence, asking people to
take some sort of action, the basic
being if they have liked your post
or found it useful,to ‘Like’ it on
Facebook and share with any friends
or any Social Media to benefit friends,
or, to buy it now don’t miss out etc.

The need for Speed

You should ensure your site/page
speed is good.

What is site or page speed?

The Site Speed reports, measure 3
areas to show how quickly users are
able to see and interact with

You can identify areas that need
improvement, and then track
the extent of those improvements.

The Site Speed reports measure 3
areas to show how quickly users are
able to see and interact with
content. You can identify areas
that need improvement, and then
track the extent of those

Page-load time for a sample of
page views on your site.

Execution speed or load time of
any discrete hit, event, or user
interaction that you want to track
(e.g., how quickly images load,
response time to button clicks).

How quickly the browser loads a
document and makes it available for
user interaction.

It’s a bit long winded but you can
look at and access the Google tool
Analytics tool HERE.

You can see how your site is
loading. I personally will not wait
if a page does not load in a
reasonable amount of time and I am
sure a lot of you are similar.

In July 2018, Google announced that
mobile site speed was becoming a
ranking factor in mobile and
desktop search.

This means that a website’s slowest
pages on a mobile phone can affect
visibility and ultimately rankings
in search results.

You can read a detailed article

This all seems long-winded, but you
have heard the term ‘No pain, no
gain’? Well guess what? You want to
get ahead?

Consider it, you’re going to
have to put some work in
or you could be left behind.
You can read a great article by
bluehost on Speeding up your
Website loading. They explain
things well.

Remember Google is now assessing
Website loading Speed in Algorithm
Rankings. Look at yours HERE

There are also 3 resources to look
at which can improve tasks on your
website for you automatically. I
like that. They are not endorsed by
me but have a good reputation.
They are free WordPress plugins you
can upload:

  1. WP Rocket. .
  2. W3 Total Cache.
  3. WP Super Cache

Content and Strategy

I will be writing further articles
about these subjects in the near
future. Please remember to sign up
for updates if you have found this

My favorite Tool of the moment is
Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest
. A free
tool you can access HERE.

It is an all- round Content and
Keyword Generator Tool. You can
research Keywords and get content
ideas and see popular articles by
numbers – a Buzzsumo type tool.

SEO Blogging Tips
Tips for Bloggerss
Blogging tips for Business
We need SEO Blogging Tips for Business


I have shown you and explained
some terms you may have heard, but
not fully understood.

These include
Page Rank, Visibility and Position.
We have looked briefly at SEO and
SEM differences.

We have discussed
organic and paid for promotions,
Meta Titles and Description.
I have highlighted the importance
of fast page loading and how you
can check your site’s speed with
free tools.

I have talked about the importance
of Keyword Research and shown you
that you do not need paid tools.
Google suggestion in its self is a
great resource.

I have given you a Tool to find
great Content for Free. Copy what
is successful at the moment.

I hope that something here may
kick-start your journey again if
you are a little stuck. If you need
anything clarifying please add a
comment below.

The best Tip saved for Last

Make sure you have Yoast SEO

Yoast will do a lot of the work
almost on autopilot for you.After
you have completed your draft post,
you can scroll down right to the
bottom of the page.

Yoast will assess your articles
readability, if you have your
keywords in the right place and
suggest a lot of things to you, so
you can get maximum SEO Benefits.
And as I said its a free WP Plugin.

There is a paid premium version
which does more. Free is one of the
best for the value it gives you.

What is a focus keyphrase?

The focus keyphrase is the phrase
that you want your post or page to
be found for. This can be one
single word, but it usually
consists of a few words, which is
why it’s called a keyphrase. If you
use the Yoast SEO plugin, you’re
probably used to filling out your
focus keyphrase.

Check out the full article on Yoast

Well that’s it. I hope you found
this useful and learned something.
If you enjoyed this, share with a
friend on Social Media. If we all
do this we can all help each other
along the way.
Thanks very much
To your success

Remember – All you need is ACTION

Paul Watts

Paul Watts
Paul Watts

Many years of Life Experience, lastly as a Hotelier and a Coffee Shop and Indian Restaurant owner. I like to try the unusual. Now retired for the last 3 years living the Laptop lifestyle.

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