Here is another useful round up
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so you can see How to easily create the best
Social Media Marketing plan and 4 more
other really useful and Interesting
posts you probably missed.

Knowledge is power and this post is
packed with top tips saving you
hours of Research. It is important
to have a Blog Plan and a Social
Media Management plan and I was
guilty myself of not doing
things’properly’. It actually make
things harder and you jump around

Now I have a much clearer idea of
where I want to go and how to get
there. Invaluable!!

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So there you have it. The main post featured

See How to Easily Create the best
Social Media Marketing Plan and
more. Everything for you here.

Where are 40% of the world’s
population, or nearly 3 billion

The answer is they were all
actively using Social Media
Networks in 2019. Marketing via
these networks is therefore vital
for anybody selling products or

What are the 3 Campaign Types?

This showed you the 3 Types of Social Media
Campaigns with different

It is important to create a
strategy before jumping into the
practical details of engaging
prospects on social media. You have
to get to understand your audience
and what they care about. That way
you can:

  • See what type of content will
    work, whether it’s video, graphics,
    images, or text.
  • Establish the tone, style of
    your content.
  • Work out the topics they want
    to know about. You may know they
    like video but what will keep them
  • Understand how they consume
    content. Do they like deep dives or
    just quick-hits?
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Choosing Social Media Platform

Choosing the Right Social Media

The next step is to discover which
social media platforms work well
for their target audience. Creating
a user profile, but because most of
the leading platforms, particularly
Facebook and Instagram, are
designed for both individual users
and businesses, it’s important to
determine which one is right for

The pros of having a business
profile are obvious: They’re a
great way to find new connections,
customers, and partners. Members of
your community are a targeted,
highly-receptive audience.

Your business profile gives you
access to analytics, a vital tool
that allows you to refine messaging
to target audiences. This helps you

Glean insights to your audience
such as buyer behavior, and

Read all to discover best ways to
use the different Platforms. A good
in depth guide.

Making Square Social Media Videos – Tools and Tips

Do you Want to make square videos
that work on any social platform?
Looking for tools to help?

You’ll discover six tools to crop,
brand, and optimize square videos
to perform better on Facebook,
Instagram, and LinkedIn.

So, how do you get people to stop
scrolling and actually watch your

It could be as easy as making your
production pop with custom
dimensions, branding, and
subtitles. And the best part? You
don’t have to be a special-effects
pro or buy fancy software to
enhance your videos. Just test the

Important News Amazon Prime Day

smartphone with Social media Icons Importance of choosing the right Social Media Platform Post post
Social Media Platforms – which one?

This year, Amazon Prime Day is
being rescheduled to the fourth
quarter from its usual July date
due to the pandemic.

The actual date for Amazon Prime
Day 2020 is not published yet, so
this means there’s still time for
you get ready for the day if you’re
a small business seller on Amazon.

Read some tips from the top Amazon
sellers, what to consider with
Covid and Time matters.

Top Copywriting

Now this is one of my Favourites –
Copywriting Tips.

Ernest Hemingway/Quotes
But man is not made for defeat. A
man can be destroyed but not

There is nothing to writing. All
you do is sit down at a typewriter
and bleed.

In this post from Copyblogger there
are techniques shown to follow.

I am going to try not to bleed too

Lastly a short Video on Electric
Bicycles. Cool!

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