Be like Tiger Woods. Powerful Secrets - Learn How to  invest in yourself to succeed at a new skill
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Not everything is doom and gloom at this time. We all have to stay strong and positive and do everything we can to protect ourselves and our family. A lot of people are working from Home or in fact have no work at all. You are probably spending a lot of time on the Internet thinking of Learning a New skill to how to enhance your job prospects or start a new job down the line. Here is something I found today that can give you hope. Now the question is “ Powerful Secrets!! Learn How to  invest in yourself to succeed at a new skill?”

How can you do this? Read on. I came across this interesting 6.30 min Video on the English BBC Website.

They were talking about Elite performers like the Tennis Player, Serena Williams, Golfer – Tiger Woods and swimmer Michael Phelps with 23 Swimming golds and discussing that they must be naturals who POSSESS A GIFT THAT CANNOT BE TAUGHT.

Let us just look quickly at golf.

What percentage of golfers can break 90?

Multiple surveys have revealed that fewer than 30 percent of all adult golfers are breaking 90.

According to the USGA, 1.6-percent of male golfers who have a USGA Handicap Index have indexes of zero or better. Among women golfers, the percentage is even smaller: 0.37-percent. So the percentage of golfers who are scratch is very, very small. May 24, 2019

So Tiger Woods is not your average pro golfer but apparently made over $45 Million last year. An unsuccessful  pro golfer made about $68 – $140,00 in 2010.

Be like Serena Williams
Learn new skills Post

Now here’s the interesting part. These Psychologists say that ‘A Natural gifted talent’ does not exist and it is due to Practice of course – But the right sort of Practice.

So watch the video BELOW – click on the link and see what you think.

So I reckon that’s pretty interesting. Could I be like Tiger Woods now? No, but that is not what is being said.

Could I as mentioned recall 100s of numbers or learn facts? Well Yes.

Powerful Secrets - Learn How to  invest in yourself to succeed at a new skill
Train yourself and others to learn new skills

Could I help a child to learn a desired skill? – Definitely. Will this make them money? I don’t know. We don’t want a lot of ‘mini-me’s’ running around to make me feel good but maybe to set them on a profitable or rewarding path.

So what is the cost of this. It’s not it’s FREE Information. But …

The $40 is the cost of the 2 BOOKS they mention in the Video:

Peak by Anders Erickson

Blueprint by Robert Plomina

Both are available above at Amazon for which I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to yourself if you decide to do more research.

This looks like a very useful read for you especially if it can reprogram your thinking. Determination is not enough but with their applied reasoning, maybe, just maybe, it can set you on a new path.

Powerful Secrets - Learn How to  invest in yourself to succeed at a new skill
You can Learn new skills post

As usual though the only way to do something or improve is to take action. If you do nothing – guess what? – Nothing will happen.

Knowledge is power – can you be strong?

If you find using your Brain in a new way an interesting thought, please share this thought with a few friends who may benefit. Maybe club together to buy the book.

So, these are Powerful Secrets . Can you Learn to invest in yourself to succeed at a new skill? What do you think? Do you have enough drive? What about your children?

Powerful Secrets - Learn How to  invest in yourself to succeed at a new skill
You can Learn new skills Post

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Thanks very much

Please follow all public safety guidelines and take care.

All the best

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