Motivational Quote 4 I may not be there ye tbut I am closer than yesterday
Motivational Quote- resillience

I think that Motivational Quotes,
value in your daily life, is a
question that you can only
answer yourself. Are you really that
strong or do you need a push to get

Motivational quotes will help get
you get the motor going as you sit
down to work each day.

Really? Are you sure? You may say.
They are just words.

Yes but they’re positive words. So,
if you are not quite in the mood
yet – you know you have a lot of
things to do, but are not quite
ready to start yet, this may help get the
mind and subconscious mind ticking

These Motivational Quotes
will give you the jumpstart your
day needs, but first, let us look
at a breakdown of the main word.

Motivational Quote 5 It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

What is Motivation?

Here are a few words from the
to get you THINKING!!!
• catalyst
• desire
• encouragement
• impetus
• impulse
• incentive
• inclination
• interest
• action
• actuation
• drive
• fire
• hunger
• impulsion
• incitement
• predetermination
• provocation
• stimulus
• get up and go
I think it is very interesting that
Motivation can be broken down into
a lot of Positive, Emotional and
Energetic POWER words. They also give YOU
VALUE in yourself and that is what you need,
to kick-start you into action.

I sat down and had a strong urge to
review the Weekend English Soccer
matches, which is great but is a
real waste of time as I already
know what I need to know, but the
thing is, my subconscious mind is
trying to stop me working.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Motivational Quote 6  - The key to success is action and the essential in action is Perseverance

I will finish my first task, this post,
and then I can relax. Of course,
you should never write and just
post. You should write, relax and review.
Then ask yourself – can I improve areas,
sound good and sharp?

Question your content and amend it.

The first word on the above list is also
one of the best – Catalyst.
Something which incites activity
• agitator
• enzyme
• impulse
• incendiary
• radical stimulus
Again, Power words, Action Words
and now a Top Tip:–

Motivational Quotes for Success.

Create the right Environment
I have found that Music can be as
powerful a motivator as
motivational quotes. When you are
about to start work, play a couple
of powerful lively songs to help
you get going. By setting your mind
in the right zone, you start the
process of motivating yourself.

Motivational quote 7 If you cannot do great things- do small things in a great way

Again, you may laugh, but I
remember about 10 years ago, I went
to a Marketing conference which was
a pretty hard sell in those days. I
remember the main speaker playing
Black Eyed Peas, just before he
came on stage, to settle people
down and get them ready and

I still play that myself
regularly and a couple of similar
songs – including AC DC- Are You
Although this music in itself is
not a Motivational Quote, it is
about Perseverance and Inspiration
and getting the action mood helps
me get my mindset going and
focusing on the task in hand after
reading a powerful Motivational
Quote that is actually giving me value.
in my daily life by helping me achieve something.


Motivational Quote 8 Your time is limited so dont wast it living someone else's life

So for Me, I find that Motivational Quotes do give you value in your daily life and power of, perseverance and creative thought to
help you get going and stamina power.
Short Motivational quotes are especially useful, as I am not a morning person
after years of having to get up early
up early, I rebelled and am now a night Owl.

So, I hope you enjoyed the Quotes
and I would like you to concentrate
on the POWER Words and take
ACTION to move forward by
using motivational quotes for your Success.

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Thanks very much
Paul Watts

Paul Watts
Paul Watts

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