You’ll feel better if you prioritize self-care during the winter.

Today you will discover why
Self-care is always important.
Mastering the way to self care is
not an accident – it’s a skill.
Learn these easy tips now. It
includes everything you do to keep
yourself steady and improve your

Love your life sign. Self-care post
How to care for yourself
Self-Care – Love Your life

We all know how important the basic
self-care activities are, such as:
A good sleep, healthy eating,
socializing with friends,
exercising and hobbies.

We also know that when we don’t
follow and prioritize self-care, we
feel bad. Our health suffers. We
can then get sick and irritable. We
then start getting feelings of
being lonely and unfulfilled.

Self-care for the winter

As the seasons change, You should
consider changing your self-care
routine, to accommodate the Cold
Season weather, less daylight
hours, your schedule, feelings of
inertia and so on.

As I said, the winter months can be
particularly tough on us both
physically and mentally. You are
more likely to catch annoying colds
and flu and the winter blues. It’s
harder to be active and easier to
make excuses. So, you need some
self-care activities to meet the
specific needs of the darker,
colder months.

Here are some of my favorite
self-care activities that are
well-suited to winter.

Negative stereotypes about self-care

First though, let’s dispel some
negative stereotypes about
self-care. If you think of
self-care as indulgent or selfish,
you’re thinking about it wrong.

Is self-care about treats or

White and purple flower and essential oils. Self-care relaxation
self-care tips
Self-care essential Oils

In short, No it’s not. Some people
who have negative stereotypical
views about self-care often think
of it as about massages, relaxing
facials, or about buying yourself
gifts and treats.

And guess what? Sometimes it is,
however, most of the time self-care
is exactly what’s it says, it’s,
replacing the gym shoes that have
worn out and are causing your feet
to hurt, spending the extra $1 or 2
to make a healthy lunch rather
eating rubbish food, getting to bed
early rather than staying up all
hours watching TV shows for no
particular reason, till all hours,
or even worse, not getting that
niggly muscle or bad tooth not seen
too It’s taking care of You.

How to get Started

Here are the answers for you. You
should try and slow down – no need
to rush and get stressed. Yes, even
if you are Blogging or a stay at
Home Mom, just start taking a
little time for yourself again.

Indeed, Self-care isn’t a list of
behaviors; what constitutes
self-care depends on the situation.

Here’s 16 of the most Important
Tips and Ideas for You.

1 Maybe start a Journal. Release
your feelings and try and move on
to the new day. It’s a New Year.
Start going in a New Direction.

2 Try and enjoy Nature. There is a
lot going on around you if you can
look for it..

woman wrapped in blanket. Self-care relaxation. Self-care tips.
Self-care relaxation in sunlight

3 Get more Sunlight. Don’t shut
yourself away. It’s well known you
feel better in a good light.

4 Relax more. Go on. Get cozy
somewhere. On the Couch or in a big
wrap. Take some minutes for You.
Give yourself permission to relax/

5 Speak to your friends. Yes SPEAK to
them – no Texts

6 Enjoy a pleasing Hot Drink. Treat
yourself. A special Tea, a Herbal
Blend, Cocoa. Sip it slowly and

7 10 Minutes Exercise. It doesn’t
have to be a trip to a Gym. A fast
walk, a few stairs, a cycle ride.
(Outside activities maybe

Find something to raise your pulse
a little. Have a medical check-up
for underlying medical conditions
and know what you can or cannot do.

8 Release your Creative side.
Painting, wooden signs, what would
you like to do again or try. There
is free instruction everywhere.
Google it!

Woman relaxing with cup of coffee. Self-care post. Self-care Tips
Relax with a nice hot drink

It’s also related to balance. Make
what’s the best choice for you

Think only Positively

Remember, You might feel guilty or
regretful about your earlier
behaviors, but a self-compassionate
person can acknowledge that
everyone has experiences like that.
You can acknowledge when you’ve
been feeling anxious in the process
of pursuing a meaningful goal and
then talk yourself through how to
move forward with those feelings
rather than giving up.

Often, some people’s idea of
self-care is that it’s something
they do privately, like spending 20
minutes meditating, or staying in
your pajamas on the couch. However,
reaching out to others when you’re
under stress is a behavior that you
can call on.

That means, Self-care involves
letting others into your inner
world a little or actually seeing
or speaking to close friends who
you usually just message on the
Internet. Let out some frustrations
but don’t forget to see how their
day is going to. Maybe you can help
them or relax together.

The bottom line is, You don’t need
to spend money for personal
pampering or withdraw from the
world, or you’ll just miss out on
many types of self-care that are
easily accessible to you.

9. Get Yourself into a Self-Care
Routine – Multi benefits will start
coming your way and your stress
will start to reduce.

Self-care post.  Happiness depends on you. Yoga class for relaxation
Happiness depends on you
Self-care post. Remember how to love. Group yoga class for purpose
Remember how to love yourself
Self-care post. Self care quote.
Group yoga class for relaxation and purpose. Self-care tips
Perfect Moment

10 Be Kind to yourself. Your words can
create your World

Use words that empower you rather
than those that limit you.

Instead of saying “I’m suffering” you can say – I’m working on the healing.

woman making hand heart. Self-care relaxation post. Self-care tips.

11 Treat yourself – you deserve it.

Take yourself out on dates and
spoil yourself with your favorite
foods, movies & whatever else you
love to do. This strengthens the
relationship you have with yourself
& invites more love into your life

12 You don’t need to check your email
or social media within one hour of
waking up. Honestly!

13 Meditation or yoga, even just 10
minutes each morning or night

14 Sign up for boxing classes. –
surprise yourself – Breakout!

15. Take a 10-15 minute walk during the workday

16 Start a weekly Self-Care Routine

Bonus Tip from Quora

What are some great tips for self
care that are simple, easy and

Johnnie M. Urban,
Answered Jun 6, 2017

Self care can be in the mind of the

The simplest way to self care is to
look in a mirror and say “”I love

A lot of people have trouble having
a great relationship with
themselves. No wonder they also
struggle with having a relationship
with others. It starts with you.

You could also consider other
simple sources of self care like:

Go for a walk.

Take a shower or a bath.

Enjoy all the beautiful nature
around you.

Gaze at the wonder of a flower.

Enjoy the sweet laughter of a happy

Some simple tips there for all.


Will this work for you?

Maybe, Maybe not. But what’s all
this worth to you? How much for
peace of Mind? You have to have the
drive and desire. Push yourself to
relax? Sounds a little crazy, but
many people are so focused on
building a Business or achieving
success they forget about their
friends and family and are getting
tired and stressed.


I have given you a few self-care
tips and ideas. I have suggested
making a Self-care plan or Routine
Daily, Weekly or Monthly. I have
given you 3 self care quotes.

I have added some affiliate links
from Amazon where I will receive a
small commission at no extra cost
to you if you buy anything. These
are Books for greater reading and
some accessories to help you relax
such as the Comfy Wrap and Herbal

Now listen very carefully, what I
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You can download and study all
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Until next time then

all the best

Paul Watts

Paul Watts
Paul Watts

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