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How to stand out at Social Media Writing

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t make sales from social media but if that’s all you’re focusing on you really are missing out on so much more and likely to get disheartened with your efforts. This guide can help you master the skill of Social Media writing and achieve success.

Many business say they don’t have time for social media, it doesn’t work, they don’t make sales from it, they don’t get it but what is apparent is a lot of businesses view Social Media and networking events as an opportunity to make sales.

If so, you will probably be disappointed.  Reach out to and build relationships with these associates to access more customers and further expand the branding message in the future. What can you learn? What are your Competitors doing? Can you copy them?

Check out my 6 Top Tips for using social Media to provide the  opportunities for  sales in the long term.

1. Stop the all out Sales message. People don’t log in to social media to be overwhelmed with sales messages. They log in to connect, be entertained or distracted, inspired or look to learn something new.

Don’t press your  promotion constantly and give your audience the entertainment and information  they want. What are their pain points?  Connect with them.

2. Your message won’t be effective unless its specifically designed for who you are trying to target. Developing a relevant buyer Avatar is vital for successful social media marketing. Three pieces of information can help identify  your audience.

You can review satisfied customers. People happy with a  company’s product or service are great starting points.. Study their  demographics, and their goals closely to understand why and who you should be targeting.

As before identify the Pain Points. What question does your product answer?  Only by understanding this can you identify they want.

It’s hard work but look on Forums such as Quora. What question are your potential customers asking.Knowing this shows you the way to go with  the content that will most likely engage and interest your targets. Find out what they want and you will not need to  chase he sales.

3. Consider this Quality not Quantity . It is far better to have 60 engaged people you could  call your community than  1000 “Followers” who are probably just freebie seekers and are never going to buy anything. 

4. . More engagement with your community. In order to be successful, you need to find ways to increase engagement in the followers you have and the ones you want. Respond personally – It’s  not a one-way street.  Answer questions and resolve problems  fast and like and comment on  other posts.

If you  know followers who are interested in a topic, tag them when you post about it. Showing personal touches like this helps drive the quality of your social media efforts.

Be proactive. Spend more time on other people’s pages and profiles than your own. Comment or engage.

If you are not prepared to give yourself are you the right person for this? What are your short term and long term goals? Be ready to connect on the same level  and watch the door open.

5. Be helpful. Whether you connect people, offer advice and tips, promote others or a mix of all of these the more you assist people the more inclined they will be to help you.

6. It’s far better to choose one or two Social Media  channels and really invest in them than five or six channels and spread yourself and what you want to say too thin.Achieve social media success


Social Media can be Time Consuming spending a lot of precious time every day. Identify one or two platforms to start with, become proficient and then build the next one. Be prepared for this. Set short and Long Term Goals.

Have a plan -there are many free Calendar and Content planning tools out there. All this will help you master the skills of Social Media Writing and help you talk like a friend, not a salesperson.

Study, study, study what the top people are doing. Can you copy them?

Everything is changing rapidly all the time. Tools and Automation are assisting us in many areas. Can we keep up. It’s up to you.

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All the best

Paul Watts

Social Media Success Take Action.

Paul Watts
Paul Watts

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