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If you are worried about the
future….. about increasing
inflation…. and the factors that
make for such a nervous economy, you may be thinking
of turning to Make Money Online Opportunities.
If so, you should read on for
Important Make Money online Secrets revealed Today.

Every day I seek out information
for you in these opportunities on
how to make those extra quick
Bucks, but an article I saw
recently got me thinking and that
raised the Question – who has had
the Make Money Online SCAM Secrets
revealed to them? – Not enough
people I thought.

In the pages that follow, I will explain
some pitfalls, Scams, dirty tricks,
methods and systems employed by
some Fraudsters, against you out
there, how to reduce risk, what to
do if you are scammed and some
reliable Money Making Opportunities
everyone CAN do.

What is a Scam?

That;s why I was thinking, Scam, Hustle,
Side Hustle, what is it all about?
So, here’s some Scam examples, how
to avoid them and what you can do
to protect yourself and others.

Scam and Hustle Word Cloud explaining meaning and intent.
make money online secrets revealed today
Scam and Hustle Meanings

Firstly, the word “Scam” became common use
among the US “drug Culture”
in early 1980 after Operation
ABSCAM, an FBI sting. This
operation was directed at Public Officials.

Secondly, Scam Scams : A fraudulent
deal. ‘That marketing scheme looks
like a scam to me’. Something that
is promoted using scams. That car
was a scam. con game, confidence
trick, swindle : deception take for a
ride. Scams, scamming , scammed.
To defraud or embezzle. They tried
to scam her out of her savings.

Now before I go on, I do not like the
Term HUSTLE but according to
Wiktionary, SIDE HUSTLE is an
informal slang phrase, for a
Secondary Job that brings in extra
cash, which is OK.

On the other hand we have HUSTLE, which is
defined below
Wiktionary HERE as:

  1. To push someone roughly, to
    crowd, to jostle, to rush or hurry.
    I’ll have to hustle to get there on
    time, To bundle; to stow something
  2. Next: To con or deceive;
    especially financially. The guy
    tried to hustle me into buying into
    a bogus real estate deal. To play
    deliberately badly at a game or
    sport in an attempt to encourage
    players to challenge. To obtain by
    illicit or forceful action.
  3. Sell sex; to work as a pimp.
    To be a prostitute, to exchange use
    of one’s body for sexual purposes
    for money.
  4. To dance the hustle, a disco
    dance, to work, to put a lot of
    effort into one’s work.

Let’s face it, In my opinion, it can
be seen that the Term Hustle, has
a lot of negative considerations.
And while we are at it, this is
important – I am NOT saying people
are promoting scams, 95% of people
have genuine intentions, I AM
saying that – you have to use your

Remember, the old rules are probably
the best, If it sounds too to be true
and was so easy and really worked,
every-body would be doing it
wouldn’t they?

you personally know someone who has
made $100 doing this in one day.
Nope, neither do I. Let’s start

Envelope-Stuffing Schemes

$550 to $3,000 weekly. $2 for each
circular you mail…
Free Postage…Free Supplies… No
Paychecks mailed to you every week!
Advance paycheck forms included in
your package!!

Trouble is the ads are appealing, if you’re
looking to work from home. But
according to the Federal Trade
Commission (FTC), the USA Nation’s
consumer protection agency, these
ads don’t tell the whole story —
namely, that the promoters aren’t
really offering a job.

Here’s what this is all about. They
ask you to send your money to find
out how this works.

Needless to say, You do, you then
get a letter telling you “The Secret”
is to get other people, often your
friends and relatives, to buy the
same envelope-stuffing

In fact, the only way you can
earn money is if your people
respond the same way. The
promoters rarely pay anyone.

You see the Idea of making big money
through an envelope-stuffing scheme
is false. As I said before, how
would that really work? You have
got to really be critical.

However, if you REALLY are tempted
to send any money, or sign up to
receive more information (and do
you want to end up on a spam
Emailer’s list), You can ask the
promoter some difficult questions:

What are the 9 Questions to ask
Prospective Job Employers?

How about you starting with – How long
have you been in business?
• How and when will I get my first
• Who will pay me?
• Where is your business located?
• Will I be paid a salary or will
my pay be based on commission?
• What exactly will I have to do?
• What is the total cost of the
envelope-stuffing program?
• What will I get for my money?
• Will I have to pay for supplies,
ads or postage?

Multi-level marketing companies

I’m telling you: Be alert for this one.
MLMs have a cover of Respectability.
I think we all can remember back to our
parents, who were growing up with
brands like Avon, Amway, and

And yet, a few MLM Businesses ,
behave like Pyramid schemes,
prioritizing recruiting new members
over actually selling their
products. You can see them
laser-focused on acquiring sellers
rather than customers, which is a
major concern.

As a result, Several serious
warning signals are apparent if you
are asked to attend expensive
training course and seminars. These
are deep pressure tactics to get
you to buy a lot of stock
inventory, especially if they have
an uninspiring product line.

Consider this, who will want this
& would I ask my Mum to buy this?
You have to seriously consider the
quality and range of their product.
You do not want to be left with a
lot of junk you cannot sell. Ask
another friend for their overall

Finally, check reviews for Negative
Comments, what are other people
saying about the product and
overall service? Are they really
making money? Is this really
something you’d want to use

Just a quick example: Amway is
very big in Thailand where I live.
I was told recently the ‘Doctor’ had
arrived and was doing free health
checks. Several people were
queuing up for this free check. I
was ‘forced’ to attend. The
‘Doctor’ didn’t have the right look
about him and the boxes of
Non-medical products on display in
his open car boot did not seem to
endorse his qualifications.

A Heart and Blood pressure test
“’Identified” several of my
serious Health problems. These
problems could be resolved by some
of their products in the “English
Version” of their Catalogue.
And the result? I had already
noticed none of the locals had
purchased anything. I could see
why, when they insisted I needed a
Bottle of an Herbal Extract. It was,
only- $127.00.

Frankly it was unlucky for him
to be talking to me an I.M.
Marketer. Any local Thai
could not afford this (although
probably a different cost for
them), and he did not make a sale
with me.

Why is this relevant? They were
all using deep pressure to make me
buy an expensive product I did not
need. They were obviously semi
local and had purchased a lot of
stock to sell on which would be
hard to do at those prices.

Always be on your guard. I could
immediately see despite their white
coats, they were surely not
medically qualified in any way.

Medical billing and Coding

Beware of Fake Make Money Online Opportunities and fraudulent scams.
make money online secrets revealed today
Beware of Fake Opportunities

Now consider this: The alleged
opportunity – A home-based business to earn up
to $45,000 a year using
your computer, at home carrying out medical Billing.
Sounds great.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has brought charges
charges against promoters
of medical billing opportunities
for misrepresenting the earnings
potential of their businesses
and for failing to provide
key pre-investment
information required by law.

Amazing Wealth System

Consumer Education Specialist FTC

In 2018, the FTC settled claims
against the companies and
individuals responsible for the
Amazing Wealth System — also known
as Amazon Wealth Systems, FBA
Stores, AWS, Insider Online
Secrets, Online Auction Learning
Center, and Online Seller.

The defendants ran ads and held
live workshops promoting a business
opportunity scheme, and claimed
people could use their system to
“Get started on Amazon and Make
$5,000-$10,000 in the next 30 days
. . . even if you have never sold
anything online before.”

Driver Wanted

It’s simple, don’t take checks
for any service in advance. It may be
fraudulent and they may ask you for
a quick refund which will cost you.
Ask the employer to wire you the
money. If you do take a check,
don’t send any money until that
check has cleared. If they’re
honest, this will not be an issue.

I can’t think of any good reason
why they would send you money in
advance. Do your research on the
Company, Company address online and
Google search and any reviews. Try
and only work for legitimate
companies (+see below).

Mystery shoppers

But first a warning – It appears this
area is over-run with scammers.

Consider this, a Company sends you
money by a check to deposit in
your own bank account, which pays
for the cost of your first mystery
shopping excursion.
You’re instructed to test a store’s
in-house money transfer service by
sending back some of the money you
just got.

Unfortunately, you’ve sent real
money from your own account and
sooner or later when the bank
realizes the original deposit was a
fraudulent check, you’re
responsible for that, too.

How do I know the works? I have done this
In the UK and there are a lot of genuine
opportunities out there. Usually
though, you’re told to buy something
from a store, or eat in a Restaurant to
test the food and service and then
send a report and claim the monies
back as an expense with your receipts.

Crypto Currency

Consider this fact, many people say
the world of Bitcoin is a dangerous
minefield. You would need to follow
this for a long time to have any
hope of making money.

Here’ the deal. There are 17.3 million
Bitcoins in circulation right now. Only
21 million bitcoins will ever exist
which means there are just 3.7
million bitcoins left to be
created, or “mined”. However, the
question of how many bitcoins are
there, is much more complicated.

A study published by market and
consumer data provider Statista,
compiled quarterly figures for a
three-year period. The number of
blockchain wallet users worldwide
has jumped from less than 6.7
million in Q1 2016 to over 34.6
million in Q1 May 2019.

Worst of all, investors were burnt by
a Ponzi scheme, run by a Company
called OneCoin, who was alleged to
have defrauded investors in the
region of $3.8 billion, with a
non-existent Crypto currency and
Money Laundering offences.

You can read more HERE

Fact is, if most investors did not see
that coming. Thus, should you get
involved casually without a long
and detailed exploration of a
Company, their product and other

Top Tip

Craig Markovitz, an assistant
entrepreneurship professor at
Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper
School of Business, said:
“There are lots of valid
opportunities out there. The
concept of a side hustle is
empowering and can change people’s
lives. But if it’s promoted as an
easy gig and sounds too good to be
true, it probably is.”

For this reason, there is a big
range of opportunities using
painting, craft and assembly
projects, knowing that many people
with a little skill, can improve
their knowledge and find ways to
work from home, selling their
products on a site such as ETSY.

The Top 6 Ways to protect yourself from an Online Scam

  1. Here’s the Secret –
    Start any research by using
    your own commonsense.
  2. In most cases .Do not pay anything
    up front. They should be paying you,
    not you paying them. This does
    include any training materials, or
  3. It is not the normal way to do
    Business. Never deposit a check
    with the intention of paying the
    sender some money. Indeed it
    can take 45-60 days to get paid
    sometimes, so very few
    people are going to give you
    money upfront.
  4. Here’s more. Do not do big work
    for free. There is ANOTHER SCAM
    around, where your “Test” is to
    write several articles on a subject
    for publication, or to translate a
    whole lengthy report.
    Prospective employers may then have
    what they need from you and you
    will not hear from them again –
    certainly not to get paid. They can
    move on to other ‘Applicants’.
    There are so many people out there
    looking to Freelance, this is
    becoming more popular. . It’s okay
    to show your skills but maybe it
    may be more prudent to showcase
    your previous work.
  5. A prospective employer offers
    you too much money, without seeming
    especially curious about your
    skills, or background experience.
    You should ask yourself – Why?
  6. Investigate who is doing the
    hiring – A person or a Company?
    What is their website? Ask why they
    rely on chat and conferencing
    rather than email for routine
    communications if that is the case.

Key Tip

Always remember – if your 6th sense
is calling to you –respect it.

Now, Make Money Online Secrets
Revealed Today, will help you with
information I have not seen readily
available before, If you have been
the Victim of a Scam. Bring this to
someones attention if you know
they have been scammed.

Now here’s your next steps:
Here are some useful
first instances sites and also
consider reporting matters to
the Police if there is a Criminal
Deception. This is essentially for
the USA.

What can I do if I have been Scammed or are the Victim of a Scam?

You can start here – with The
Federal Trade Commission
You can contact them HERE

International Scams is where you can
report international scams and
learn about other steps you can
take to combat fraud. Your
complaints help consumer protection
agencies around the world spot
trends and work together to prevent
international scams.

You can contact them HERE

Do not Call Registry for Telemarketer Complaints

Remember, The National Do Not Call
Registry gives you a choice about
whether to receive telemarketing calls
at home. Most telemarketers should not
call your number once it has been
on the registry for 31 days. If
they do, you can file a complaint

You can contact them HERE

Identity Theft – any Issues is the federal
government’s one-stop resource for
identity theft victims. The site
provides streamlined checklists and
sample letters to guide you through
the recovery process. Visit for prevention tips
and free resources to share in your

You can contact them HERE

Better Business Bureau®

 stop Scams and Frauds MMO opportunities. make money online secrets revealed today .
Scams stop here

You can File a COMPLAINT – Leave a
REVIEW of a Business and they also
have a Newsfeed of up to date Scams
and Warnings.
You can also endorse a Business
that you would recommend for good
service to other people.
You can contact them HERE

Well, that turned into a much
longer post than I expected. So if
you have enjoyed this please share
with your friends on Social Media or with

anyone that needs some good advice.

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Well, it turns out that Swagbucks
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Can you earn real money from

Swagbucks pays you with gift cards
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Is Swagbucks free to join?

Swagbucks is a free online rewards
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How long does it take to earn 1000

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2 Food Delivery Services

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takeaway delivery

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takeaway delivery

Finally, a value packed post today which
I suggest you Bookmark to come back
to as it is full of useful links. I
have defined what a Side Hustle,
Hustle and a Scam is.

I have revealed Make Money Online
Secrets today
for you to get you
thinking and Investigating more
thoroughly, so you don’t get caught
out and see what looks genuine and
what looks dodgy. Some people are
trying to take advantage of you
from the get go. Don’t let them in
just because you need extra cash.
Gather as much information as you
can. A low paying offer may provide
more value than a get rich quick

In addition not mentioned above,
on my Pinterest Board, Make
Money Online, I have gathered a lot
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Feel free to share with a friend
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In essence, I have outlined some
common Scams. I have added some tips
on questions to ask prospective
employers and warned against the
dangers of being charged and
scammed with a fraudulent check.
The easiest thing is – use your
common sense. If it sounds like it
is too good to be true – it
probably is. Just take your time
and investigate.

Indeed, I highlighted 6 ways to
protect yourself from online scams.
I also have given you the links of
top agencies to report problems to
and or assist you with Nuisance
Calls or Identity Theft – all in
the USA.

Like I said, I told you some genuine
ways to Make Money online to
supplement your income or to
generate extra income. In another
post I will talk about using
Affiliate Marketing by selling your
own or Licensed Information
products to make your own Income

Please share this post on all your
Social Media with your online
friends, to help them with problem
prevention if they are desperate
for cash or, as a Resource for the
Future. Thanks very much I would
really appreciate that.
Thanks again

Paul Watts

P.s. When you have finished reading the article

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