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How can Leadership skills Help You
in Life?

Impossible? How can Leadership & Inspirational
Skills Qualities and Quotes help you in Life is the
question for us to consider today.
Some of the great benefits are:

  1. Self confidence.
  2. Effective Communication skills
    including learning to listen,
    giving and receiving feedback.
  3. Working well with people
  4. Motivating and empowering them
  5. Sharing Leadership tasks
  6. Ability to plan, assess,
    organize and delegate.

What is the true meaning of

So, today we are going to consider
what is the true meaning of
Leadership and how you can you can use it to help you be more
focused, more determined to succeed
and start achieving your goals.

Ok the Holiday break is over, now
it is time to start thinking about
where you are heading in the New
Year. Are you going to be a
follower or a Leader? I’m not
talking about becoming President,
although I do understand there may
be a Vacancy soon in that position.

And now, are you going to be more
determined to succeed, or just
drift along as before and hope it
will change? If you want to get
ahead you have to be determined to
I know, It actually took
me a lot of time through
information overload and not
knowing where to get started,
because of Shiny object addiction,
buying the latest and best things
instead of getting started
doing something. That was Taking

Fact is, once I took a change of
direction and just concentrated on
one thing at a time and TAKING
ACTION steps, I started to make
things happen. The funny thing is
some of the tools I brought along
the way and never used, are now
starting to bear fruit and I will
reveal all this year along with
case studies.

Indeed, Leadership is much more
than authority and recognition for
you in the outside world. It is
about helping other people when you
can to move them along in their
Journey too. Help them and yourself
to reach full potential. It’s about
developing the right tools and
mindset, not only to maximize the
success of a Company but also the
lives of individuals.

Also, more and more people want to
work from home. You can help them.
By being here you are already ahead
of most people.

So what is the definition of

A simple definition is that
Leadership, is the art of
motivating a group of people to act
towards achieving a common goal.
You could be the person in that
group that possesses personality
and Leadership skills that makes
others want to follow you in the
same direction.

What makes you a successful leader?

An effective Leader is someone with
a passion for something that is
larger than they are. It can
include big and small dreams. Make
and have a vision that will better
society, help someone learn a skill
to work for themselves or a lead a
team on a common mission. Or, at
least, some portion of it.

However, it can be lonely being a
leader, so you do have to have a
lot of skills to motivate yourself
and others as I did in a lengthy
Police Career a few years back.

This involved working towards
targets and Goals, not just for my
satisfaction, but for the
well-being of the general Public.
Sometimes you have to lead from the
front in very Hostile situations
and make effective decisions.

My passion was too keep my Team
Safe, make the area safe for the
Public and help develop my
Colleagues Careers and their
well-being. Important decisions
were frequently required. You can’t
sit on the fence.

Indeed, I always thought a problem
through and made a Decision –
Indecision (and lack of Action) is
where it will always go against

Exceptional Leaders are people who
have the ability to look forward
into the future and make and
follow, concrete goals and tasks
that will benefit their
organization. They are confident
and optimistic, inspiring
enthusiasm in those around them.

If you act in good faith, you
cannot really be criticized. You
are always learning. Being a
visionary is about managing change
while striking a balance between
stability and growth.

But this is not about me. I want
YOU to get you started. You hear
all the time – Take Action- I
think about 80% of people who buy
new products and courses – Don’t
finish even Reading them, trying
the method, or even, putting
anything into practice.

Leadership and Inspirational Quote
Leadership Quote1

Leadership and Inspirational Quote
Start thinking about your Leadership skills
Leadership and Inspirational Quote
Keep Thinking

Forbes has a great article
Highlighting the Essential
qualities of Great Leadership. You
can read that HERE

What are these Essential Qualities
that define Great Leadership?

a. Sincere enthusiasm. True
enthusiasm for a business,
its products, and its
mission cannot be faked.
b. Integrity and Honesty
c. Great communication skills
d. Loyalty – to the Mission
and your Team
e. Decisiveness – Don’t sit
on the fence
f. Managerial competence – Do
your Job correctly
g. Empowerment- for learning
and advancement.
h. Charisma (You can’t be too
shy – you’re on view)

Leadership and Inspirational Quote
Challenge your thinking
Leadership and Inspirational Quote
Very True thinking
Leadership and Inspirational Quote
The way ahead for You
Leadership Qualities and Quotes
Take action to get ahead

So you may say, how does this help
you start a blog for example? I will be a one person Band.

I don’t need anyone else.

I think you will find you actually
need a lot of people to help you do
some basic or advanced things, sell
your product (affiliates), dropship
for you and Teach you a lot of new
skills. You really need a mentor,
someone to follow or look up to.
Someone to nag you into completing
tasks and learning new skills.

Leadership skills will be very
important and always stand you in
good stead.If you want to get on you must become, more
disciplined, more organized and
more determined to make it a
success this year.

Truthfully, the push 1 button and
go to the swimming pool or sleep
overnight and wake up with hundreds
of Dollars in your Paypal account
may not actually work for you. LOL!
It does not work for most other

What I am talking about ,is, all
you really need is a plan, some
goals and dates to achieve them by
and ideally a Mentor. Get started
and something will happen. You may
or may not succeed. Do Nothing and
it is 100% certain you will not
succeed and just keep buying those
lottery Tickets.


You will be glad to know, you can
empower yourself to succeed. Read
the right books, don’t watch too
much TV – Read books on Marketing,
Famous Copywriters from the old
days, ( who everyone still
references such as Joseph Sugarman,
Bob Serling, Dan Kennedy), Learn
Wordpress, Word and Excel and
become a Google Search Expert.

You don’t have to, but it would put
you ahead of a lot of other people.

You see, whether you are a 1
person outfit or a part of a
Company, I am saying empower
yourself to advance and start
thinking about things differently,
but most importantly, take action –

I hope you can use the quotes to
get going. If you don’t know the
originator, it’s worth looking them
up and see who they were & what
they were known for.

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All the best.

Paul Watts

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Paul Watts

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