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Hot news from Google Marketing Live 2019 – More changes ahead.

This year many new product announcements, including new ad types, enhanced targeting options, and enhanced Shopping options. Whether you’re an advertiser, an agency, or an online consumer, you’ll need to take note of how these changes will affect you.

You can read the full lengthy post by Conor Bond Here.

In this post I will try to summarize what has happened reportedly, how it may affect your Company and what you can do next to get ready.

Google still wants you to deliver relevant ad experiences to the right people at the right moments i.e. when they are searching.

There are 9 new changes. I am just going to summarize them for the MOST Important:

  1. Google Discover – offer a big reach—you can serve them across the YouTube home feed, Gmail promotions tab and the feed in Google Discover.

2.  Gallery Ads.    Google wants to combine the search with a more interactive and visual ad format. Gallery ads allow advertisers to combine Compelling images and copy. They will BE ON THE TOP OF THE SEARCH PAGE.

3.  Improvements in Smart Bidding utilizing MACHINE LEARNING (AI) for optimizing your bids conversion value. This is intended to help you optimize your costs.

4.  YouTube Bumper Ads for all. What’s not well-known is the value of bumper ads—the 6 second ads that play before your video starts. Google revealed data collected last year, shows that a series of 3 bumper ads leaves a much more memorable impression than 1 single 30-sec Ad. Few businesses have resources to create Pro bumper ads.

Video is often in the form of a couple 1 – 2 mins. Compressing this down to 6 secs preserving logical, effective messaging, is very difficult. In a surprise move The Bumper machine in the Google Ads interface, is a handy new tool that can turn any video shorter than 90 seconds into a collection of YouTube-ready bumper ads. It should be on-line later this year at no additional costs.

5.  Custom Audiences. A BIG CHANGE. Coming under the Custom Audience class (Like Facebook) but Google are the ones WITH the exact data.

6.  Audience Expansion Tool (sound familiar?). Like the FB lookalike search fields. Are these prospects more qualified here?

7.  Google Shopping. Enhancing the already clickable Images as on Instagram with enhanced search results. Buyers will not have to go to websites.

8.  Enhanced Shopping Showcase Ads.  For those who don’t know, a standard shopping ad brings users to a landing page, a showcase shopping ad brings them to a catalog of related products. Soon, Google will expand showcase shopping ads to image search, discover search and YouTube. This will enable you to deliver discovery-based shopping experiences at a wider range.

9.  Local Campaigns for EVERYONE. Consumers do research on their smart phones before going to physical stores. This will be the opportunity to influence purchase decisions before they even enter a store.  Once you’ve provided store locations, some ad copy, a couple images, a budget, and a bid, Google Ads optimizes ad delivery across its properties to maximize foot traffic to your stores. A trial showed a x5 ROAS than previously.

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Why is this Important to you?

It’s important, knowledge is power. If you already use Google Ads there will be more opportunity there. Now is the time to learn and prepare.

Start getting your Images ready. Think about how you are going to Title them.

What’s Happening Now?

When the meeting has finished and the dust starts to settle, more detailed info can be obtained and reported on.

What Could you do to prepare?

This could be the time to start getting ready for your Google Discover Ad Campaigns.

I will personally be interested in making the 6 second Videos, so checking out a good Animation or Explainer Video product maker if you don’t already have one. This could involve getting graphics and music ready and preparing action scripts.


This is a lot of data to get to grips with. I have abbreviated it considerably. You may need to know the full transcripts when available to make your decisions.I can only mention what is reported but there seems a lot of opportunity ahead from Google as they are under a lot of pressure to succeed with their Advertising arm of the Business.

The Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience introduction seems to be the Key Major Changes and  could be the biggest opportunites here.

It’s important to Google to succeed, so will you be there with them at the start? I think I will. Don’t forget to keep in touch with me for more updates in the future.

Keep alert for news – don’t be left behind. Join me in the journey and I will do my best for you with the latest hot news and tips and Security alerts.

Paul Watts
Paul Watts

Many years of Life Experience, lastly as a Hotelier and a Coffee Shop and Indian Restaurant owner. I like to try the unusual. Now retired for the last 3 years living the Laptop lifestyle.

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