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Here’s a question. –

Are you fed up and running out of ideas to write about already? Or do you just write the same type of blog post again and again? When starting out, we are often not sure of exactly what we can write about. How much are we going to research or how much content shall we curate. Read on for discovery in how to write a blog post and where to get ideas to write.

When we become more experienced, we tend to stick to one type of content – what we’re comfortable with. Lazy or practical? It doesn’t matter – no one will think you are a bad person, as long as the content is interesting.

In fact, how many ‘types’ of posts are there? The How to…. Or 956 ways to….I don’t know and decided to have a quick look on Google. I immediately found ‘6 types of blog posts’ – ’10 types of blog post but a quick winner was ‘45 different types of blog posts’.

It goes to show – no-one can really say, so it’s up to you to show creative flair in your blog as long as you are being relevant or connected to your niche. For me that’s going to be: How to posts and List posts. That’s because I’ve found that they work the best for my audience. So what are some types of blog posts?

The ‘List type’. 6 points like this set up for quick scanning.

The ‘News Post’. People like to read news, especially articles not readily seen.

The ‘How to’ Instructional Post. They are relatively easy to write. The Personal Spotlight Post. Talking about you doing something.

The Cheat Sheet Post. A ready-made information research sheet 1– 2 pages.

The Media Post. Maybe interviewing an expert and publishing the content.

The Entertaining Post. A motivational or humorous look at something.

Maybe you could decide to write creatively with different focus.

How to achieve 10 items on my travel bucket list by the time I am 66.

Put Together a Meme or a Gif Post (with an objective CTA).

What would you really like to be doing today?

A day in the life of an Uber driver comparison with Taxi driver maybe.

But don’t get carried away. Your post is not really about you – it’s about entertaining your customer or potential customer and or don’t go for a hard sell here.

Where can you get some ideas for that? Here are a few sources:

Where to find trending topics:

Reddit (the front page of the Internet.)

Twitter. (Search)

Google Trends(amazing data with geo locations/demographics and suggestions)

Keyhole. …

Agorapulse. …

Buzzfeed. …


Set Up A Contest On Your Blog. … Use Questions On Forums As Blog Ideas. … Find The Best Jokes In Your Niche And Share Them In A Blog Post.

Top 10 Most Reliable News Sources

Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal is a well-known name that can often be very controversial. …

New York Times. The New York Times hardly needs any introduction. … BBC. … NPR. … Snopes. … Reuters. … The Economist. … Associated PressPBS

Then with you stories recently discovered, write about some of the best provocative ideas.

Read books and relevant publications and summarize your reading and document your ideas.

Some people say: read 5-8 books and become an expert. Brainstorm, see where that goes. Take time for your self-development. Always be learning. Question basic assumptions.

Take a contrarian view. … Create a story. Interview others experts and influencers or Internet Marketers. Social networking. Attend events if possible, Chambers of Commerce.

The average reader’s attention span is very short – only a few seconds to stay or go. Stress the advantages of what you are highlighting – the content or the time saving benefits.

How to write a blog post and make money
You can do it!

Why is this Important to you?

For example, I have given you a list of ready-made sources above. It’s there already for you to find, but I have done it for you. I have highlighted some of the best ideas for you.

Conclusion. You need to take a little time out to prepare. Set aside some time to plan out your post – Set out what you wish to cover. Start with a good Headline and go from there.

Highlight the benefits covered: eg. As above.

• 7 Types of List Post

• Nearly 20 Sources of Content Ideas above

• You can become an expert – well maybe just know more than most people by buying and reading 6-8 Books and getting the best ideas from there.

Anyway, I hope this will give you some ideas of How to write a blog post, several blog writing formula and a format for how to outline your post to achieve our goal of making money online by providing useful content.

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All the best

Paul Watts

Paul Watts
Paul Watts

Many years of Life Experience, lastly as a Hotelier and a Coffee Shop and Indian Restaurant owner. I like to try the unusual. Now retired for the last 3 years living the Laptop lifestyle.

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