Are you confused in How to find your Niche? What way do you go? There is a lot of information out there but it is coming at you from all sides. Have you started research – Where should you start? What is the best way to research have you thought about that?

Now you are in luck, because today I have a short guide to get you thinking. Soon though, I will have a Big Post coming out with everything you need to know in starting a Blog. Believe me, there is a lot to know. But this is your chance to start achieving the knowledge and confidence you will need to get going.

I am sure you feel confused, overwhelmed and frustrated. But Hey LISTEN – we all did. We all had an idea bur it’s not easy, no-one said it will be. But think on, in a few months when you have got the confidence to get going, imagine how good you are going to start feeling when everything is slowly appearing in front of you.

Don’t forget the Hard bit. Start writing down notes and make a plan. Then get started by taking ACTION. Small steps at a time. Remember the story how do you eat an Elephant? The answer is slowly very slowly – a little piece at a time.

Do you need to have a niche? No, but will a niche help you because you’ll be able to build a specific business for specific needs? Yes? If for example, you were a photographer, your niche or selected field could be brides and weddings. Instead of saying you were a photographer who shot everything, you could focus only on brides.

When you get good experience in Brides, you could focus on a different niche, which could be teaching wannabe photographers.

Teaching could then be expanded to helping small business owners how to run a better business. The point is, when you discover success in one small niche it enables you to step into larger niches and expand your business and Brand Name.

So don’t just waste day after day getting overwhelmed about this and that. Then you give up after getting nowhere and wasting hours on the Computer. Do you know why? It is your BRAIN holding you back. It is comfortable where it is now, it does not want change or too much stress.

I will talk about Procrastination in depth over the next few weeks. It is important to understand and how you can feel happier when you control your path forward.

We could spend ages talking about the specifics, but I will cut to the chase and share with you three powerful tips to help choose your niche. These are a quick start for blogging for beginners.

  1. Who are your specific customers? It’s not enough to say – Males – that’s rather a big number. You need to identify specifically what type of men. Entrepreneurs? Stay at home dads? Sportsmen? The more specific you can be, the easier it will be to start out.

2. What is the problem you are going to answer? Take a long time to work out and ensure you understand what the main problem is you are solving. Concentrate on one major problem first. Then make sure you offer the easiest and most effective long term solutions, to that problem area.

If male small business owners require help with blogging, solve some of writing problems by providing a series of tips and information on how to write a good Title for a blog post, the types of Bog Posts and how to lay out a blog post. You can then move on to how to write Emails and how to write Sales letters. Now you will have an opportunity to offer a paid deeper course covering one specific area.

I hope you can now see how we’re focusing on our marketing area by simply addressing these first two questions..

3. Why are you different from everyone else? What is it about you? Why should they trust you?. This will be your chance to stand out from everyone else.

Everyone has something special or different about themselves that they can bring to the table. They could be professional qualifications, or skills and experiences that help us stand out. Don’t underestimate like life experiences, being self taught skills such as Canoeing. You may be an extrovert or have a great personality.

So get your notebook out and start jotting down every idea you can think of where you have experience or great interest. Make that list of where you specifically qualified to help people.

Do you like writing? That helps. Can you write reports r posts easily. Do you use social media a lot? If you can relate to starting out on a blog, you can understand the doubts and questions you first had..

Now, we are nearly finished so keep looking and learning always. There are so many people online to model yourself on. Neil Patel is one of my favorites and puts out a lot of great content. I would aspire to be like him but he does have a massive Team helping him. One of his sites is called Ubersuggest and I will talk about it another day also. It is a Keyword Research Tool and more. It is well worth your time looking around it and signing up for a free account.

This really is a goldmine of informative ideas. Another great site is Answer the Public where you can Put in your Keyword or Words and SEE what people are searching for. You can great ideas for smaller areas to concentrate on.


How to start a blog and how to choose a niche or how to choose a profitable niche are the key questions. Now it’s your turn. The only thing that will stop you is YOURSELF. Plan your research – define your niche – but don’t Procrastinate. Take action – get started and learn hands on. If necessary get a Mentor it can only help.

This is my first post in a most detailed series coming your way. If you like it please share with a friend.

Thanks very much

Take care

Paul Watts


Paul Watts
Paul Watts

Many years of Life Experience, lastly as a Hotelier and a Coffee Shop and Indian Restaurant owner. I like to try the unusual. Now retired for the last 3 years living the Laptop lifestyle.

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