Corona Virus Facemask Post
Don’t be unprotected

Now here is a helpful resource
about Corona Virus 2020 and 4 Do it
yourself Respiratory Mask Designs
to help protect you and your
family. I have just found these and
wanted to circulate as soon as
possible in case you are worried
about not having any protection
which may help protect you, your
family and others from the risks of

Hospitals and doctors are reaching
out via social media to ask for
mission-critical help in solving
the shortage of N95-type masks
during the current Coronavirus
(COVID-19) pandemic.

A significant movement, perhaps
even a revolution of epic noble
intentions, is underway, asking
sewing groups and other to come
together and help resolve the
problem around the supply of
Protective masks and Equipment.

Social distancing
Distance yourself from others

Are you sitting in your apartment
or house in some sort of state-wide
lockdown? You could do something to
help others. People of all ages and
walks of life are diving in to make
a difference. Maybe you could help
collect food for an elderly

What else could you do to
help someone? Check out some of
these amazing initiatives, both
small and large:

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DIY Face-mask Designs

Coronavirus Mask News
Keep yourself informed

First, I have 3 Resources for you
to help you decide if you want to
and How to Make a DIY Respirator
type mask.

I am not going to talk too much –
You can read for yourself and
decide if this can help you Here:

From a feature by TJ McCue at

An Interesting report about
materials to consider research and
street-level testing of various
materials for DIY mask-making, this
post from Smart Air Filters is
exceptional: What Are The Best
Materials for Making DIY Masks?

Read that HERE

Next, Joost De Cock started the
FreeSewing Open Source Project from
his home in the Netherlands. His
wife who is a surgeon started
seeing potential shortages in
personal protective equipment
(PPE). Joost posted a pattern to
make a respirator type mask pit to
FreeSewing in late February. You
can see that HERE

Mona Lisa Corona Virus post
SeriousProblems in Italy

Here is a link with instructions in
a PDF form to download the pattern
and Instructions in a shorter form.
Get that HERE

If you think that a handmade
N95-type mask cannot be used, think
again. Even the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) has a
place for them — in times of
crisis, like the one we could be in
right now.

Stay Home warning Corona Virus2020
Please observe

On the CDC page: Strategies for
Optimizing the Supply of Facemasks,
they explain that as a last resort,
a homemade mask is accessible.
Frankly, we are getting to that

Here’s how they explain it in the
Crisis Strategy section, When No
Facemasks Are Available.

Options Include: Read that report HERE

and another article HERE

What materials can you use?

For the testing of materials you
could readily use read this HERE

I have visited the CDC site and
verified the article was posted.

Read more on Tests for DIY Masks

The easiest material to use (and
offers one of the highest levels of
protection) is readily available –
a Cotton or Cotton Blend T shirt.
Of course it is not as good as the
real thing, but seems to offer a
good level of protection –
especially if you cannot buy one

No handshakes Corona Virus2020
No Handshake advice

There still seems to be a lot of
talk around “There is no point
using a mask_ It does not help.”
Really? Almost in the same
paragraph I read droplets caused by
sneezing or coughing maybe a source
of passing on contagion.

All I can say is, for me,
if it helps a little that’s
great it may be enough.
Do everything you can to
avoid contagion. I am certainly
using one already.

Children and Masks

IMPORTANT I have seen in the
research, that masks may not be so
effective in young Children for a
variety of reasons, including not
being a good fit and it being moved
or touched too much.

Remember also, the advice is that
the eyes should be protected. I
personally have a pro plastic
industrial protection type glasses
which have good enclosure.

Another detailed resource for a
Homemade Mask is HERE

Are you sitting in your apartment
or house in some sort of state-wide
lockdown? You can do something to
help others. People of all ages and
walks of life are diving in to make
a difference. Check out some of
these amazing initiatives, both
small and large:

How can You help?

It is quite apparent, there is a
shortage of the manufactured N95
mask. You know this. Healthcare
workers know this. If you have been
hoarding them, there are people
and organizations who need your
extras and you can do the right
thing and donate them.

Get in touch with Holly Figueroa
O’Reilly on Twitter contact HERE

— she is organizing the
distribution of masks.

Karen Booth is another person
listing out different projects as
she starts making masks herself.

You can get another design HERE

Look on the Net and you will find programs
and projects around the USA and
world you could help.

Karen does say she has enough masks
already but gives good advice of
how you can help other places.

My Conclusions

Toilet roll Corona Virus post
No need to panic

It also seems that if you have a
bad cold and fever symptoms you
could wear a mask to contain the
spread a little while you seek
medical advice. I live in Thailand
and am from the UK.I personally
wear a mask everytime I go out
where there are other people. The
problem in Italy is really serious
at the moment and I hope our
Countries don’t get a problem on
that scale.

I have looked at the BBC news
experts today who say you don’t
need a mask. I have also seen some
Chinese People from wuhan who say a
mask is essential. I know who I
believe – what do you think? An
‘expert’ in an Office in London or
someone in the middle of it in

They also endorse the other
principles. No handshakes – Social
Distancing – which to me means not
going anywhere where there is a
crowd of people.

Handwashing Corona Virus post
Wash hands

Consider the old and
more vulnerable and people with
respiratory problems – Hand
washing, thoroughly for 20 secs
sing a little song you know. Also I
have seen that you should clean
your mobile with soap and water –
careful with the water – take the
cover ff. This kills a lot of
germs. Chemicals like bleach may
damage your phone

I have also seen an Interesting
article about facial touching.
Easier said that done but a mask
may help when you are out – don’t
forget protective glasses and hand
wipes if available.

The thing with facial touching is
that it is apparently inbuilt in us
from the womb, as a response to
anxieties and feelings.You probably
can’t control this response hence
keeping your hands and I suppose
your face clean.

Use disposable tissues
or toilet roll to dry and put into a
special double bag for disposing of
later. Holding a book or your hands
together interlocked may also help
a little.

Now, I am not trying to spread any
fear or alarm. I hope all this ends
very soon but we don’t what what
will happen anywhere yet. All I am
saying is that planning and
preparation is essential. You could
spend a few hours making a mask you
may never need but so what. History
has shown us planning and
preparation is everything.

I have been gathering a few things
things since early January
Maybe you should consider stocking up
with a few essentials you could

Let’s try and get the Community
Spirit back again and work together
to resist and end this as soon as

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All the very best – take care

Paul Watts

P.S. Unbiased updates from the WHO

Paul Watts
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