Here is an Infographic style post to show you that yes indeed is the answer to the burning question are blogs still popular and viable today.

Blogs are still very powerful and some say are among the top 5 sources of reliable information on the net. I say that, but obviously the past few years have seen an unprecedented rise in the spreading of Fake News. As always, you can never just take someone’s word for something anymore, search to verify it and that also includes an image search in Google to see what that may tell you.

The numbers are increasing by a staggering amount every year, with extra blogs being started by bloggers and amazing number of posts every day.

People want to express themselves and mid pandemic, online shopping and retail is booming and you need to be here.

I am going to start an ultra in-depth guide to answer all the burning questions, Is it worth starting a blog, what are my cheapest options for starting a blog and what do you wish you knew when starting a blog?

Here are 12 Top Blogging Statistics to get you thinking:

Statistical info for Blogging 2020 for blog post are blogs still viable today
Interesting Blogging stats

More than 600Million Blogs. Room for you? Yes I think so. You can then ask yourself is it worth starting a blog? Only you will know the real answer, but remember, you don’t get something for nothing. Costs can be low, committment cannot – you are going to have to work hard to succeed.

Statistical info for Blogging 2020 for blog post are blogs still viable today

Adapted from Original Source at Techjury

I hope that will get your tastebuds going. This is just the start of the massive guide to everything you want to know about starting a blog coming your way.

Well that’s it for today there really is some great information there to inspire you. My new series really will everything you need to know. If you have found this useful today or interesting, please pass on to a friend who needs some help or inspiration.

As ever

Take care out there

all the best

Paul Watts

Paul Watts
Paul Watts

Many years of Life Experience, lastly as a Hotelier and a Coffee Shop and Indian Restaurant owner. I like to try the unusual. Now retired for the last 3 years living the Laptop lifestyle.

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