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Today I am going to talk about the range and power of Google, what you should consider to protect yourself and or ask if you should take steps to benefit now before it’s too late. I will show you some interesting Marketing Trends that can help you sell more goods or get better Ad results.

It’s quite a long read about 10-12 mins but there is a lot to it.

We can go back to the early 2000s to trace how we have seemed to have given our lives away to faceless computers. Really, am I exaggerating or being provocative, you can read this and decide.

Then, we were willing to exchange privacy for convenience. This is when Google started giving access to specialist products really at the cost of your privacy. Have you got a Chrome Extension in your browser? We need your contacts, we need this and that. ‘We’ does not need texts to my girlfriend or family though – this is a step too far.


Some Google Facts you should know.

40,000Google searches are conducted EVERY SECOND, that is apparently 3.5 billion searches per DAY. (didn’t confirm that to be honest).

People now expect to get products and services immediately.

In some ways, we have all come to expect instant information. But expecting the actual product or service, right away? That’s the new normal. But we do want to be the people supplying the product, don’t we?

Mobile searches related to “same-day shipping” have grown over 120% since 2015

“Same-day” searches spike first thing in the morning from 06.00 – about 08.00.

Maybe we’re all becoming more impulsive. Maybe we’re undecided more with our plans because we know we can get away with it later. Either way, our planning behavior is changing.

When advance planning isn’t made we are still able to get things done.

Travel planning illustrates this well. Over the past two years, travel-related searches for “tonight” and “today” have grown over 150% on mobile. People consistently  look for “ hotels tonight” or “flights today”.

In fact, 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load. … Google have seen that for every one second delay in site load time, the conversions fall by 12%

You can test your own mobile / site speed, here .  give  It even provides instant recommendations to make your mobile site more instant.

And who provides this  info, it is Think with Google Customer Insights themselves.

Anyway, back to our main story, (the power of Google and Data they Keep) and the point is marketers have more chance to exploit your data. Of course most of us reading this ARE marketers. What can you do with this info?

So when we make a Google search it researched by up to 1000 computers. The get the result and return it to you. It can take as long as one-fifth of a second.

People are searching at the exact moment they need something and are looking for places that can meet their immediate need. In other words, when making these on-the-spot decisions, they are more loyal to their need than to any particular place.

This is when it gets deep and interesting. An even faster and unregistered process is taking place at the same time as your search.

What have you had to enter to get the info, Keywords? Every Internet search contains keywords and these are what each advertiser wants. Are you an Advertiser? – see where I am going.

The paid for Ads now scramble to get in the right order on your results page.

So the first four search results—what you see before having to scroll down—are all paid advertisements. If you didn’t know this, you’re not alone.

According to original research on Jan 2018 by VARN: Almost 60% of People Still Don’t Recognize Google Paid Ads When They See Them. Let’s Take a Close Look at These Results: Of the 803 respondents from our independent survey, 57.5% don’t recognize Google ads. 34.8% recognize them but don’t click on them, and 7.7% recognize paid ads but do click the

What’s interesting is that the number of people who know exactly what paid Google ads are and still click on them is primarily male, 68.7% are male – more than double the number of females who fall into this category.

 Whilst the young are more likely to be aware of ads in Google and are more open to clicking them when carrying out a search, the percentage of them who avoid clicking these ads are much higher. So, if you’re targeting certain age groups within Google ads, it would be worth considering your target audience and aiming your paid ads at those aged 35 and above

Anyway that’s, the background. Once you click on an ad, your info is able to be accessed by search engine marketers, where it’s forever stored in an AdWords account, never to be erased.

Google data news
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In case you were starting to feel a remotely unconcerned there are full files kept with complete information on you, your partner, family.

29++ data facts.  Whatever you’re doing ( walking or in a car, on a train) Google knows all (checking phone sites)

Ignoring the first 13 which you can guess e.g. age, occupation, gender – The other 16 are:

  • Whether you’ve just had a major life event
  • Your home ownership status
  • Your mobile carrier
  • The exact words you enter into Google search
  • The context and topics of the websites you visit
  • The products you buy
  • The products you have almost bought
  • Your Wi-Fi type
  • Your proximity to a cell tower
  • Your app installation history
  • The amount of time you spend on certain apps
  • Your operating system
  • The contents of your email
  • The time you spend on certain websites
  • Whether you’re moving (e.g., into a new home)

More amazing records kept on you

Since you joined Google, they have been building a “citizen profile” on you.

How to delete your data record here

You can apparently delete you search history here but………hmmmn are you sure? It says you can here … click on the link.

In 2019, search engine marketing is coming to a new level: multidevice attribution. When this tech is realized, ads will follow searchers. From mobile to desktop all SM channels and email.

Incredibly, for example, your TV will emit a high-frequency signal during commercials. That cannot be heard by human ears and will go to your cell phone to display an Ad.

Despite Google knowing what you are doing all the time we don’t really know what exactly they are doing and what’s really going on.

IMs can work out if you are commuting daily. They show you ads for relevant products, like headphones, laptop bags, and cold remedies. Search for a product on your phone and then physically walk into a store. Do that, in that order, and chances are Google used your phone’s GPS data to connect your ad click and you’re in-store purchase.

Apparently Google purchased MasterCard credit card data at great cost. The company has says it now has access to 70% of U.S. credit and debit card sales through “third-party partnerships.”

Increasingly, 7 in 10 Mobile owners use their smart phones to do research beforehand — especially on and Google Maps before a purchase is made.

Marketers are using innovations like local ads and promoted places to high light special offers and what’s in-stock at nearby stores. After less than 3 years, advertisers globally have recorded over 5 billion store visits using Ad Words.

 Google also credit their advanced machine learning and mapping Technology to help you assess your options more accurately.

In 2008, Hal Roberts, a fellow at Harvard, described Google Ads as a form of “gray surveillance, “a system of collective intelligence” that collected your data and exploited it with Marketers. To help you get the gold at the end of the tunnel or funnel?

Is it gold nuggets?
IM news

We are in the Zone. I like my freedoms and do not see the need for anyone to keep excessive data files like this. Should I be able to get all files really deleted?  Is there a chance some Home service Products are recording me 24 hours a day (who knows?) or do I want the best targeted marketing or retargeting data available at the lowest possible cost?

There are legal issues and investigations around data breaches ongoing. I am certainly not saying anybody has deliberately done this, will we ever know? but there could be trouble ahead for the big companies. Mark Zuckerberg has said a lot recently about Implementing Privacy on Facebook.

One facet of that, he says FB will not be promoting groups so much unless they are very family or friend orientated. Will this have a big impact for IM?

There are also many people who say they do not use Google, but prefer Yahoo, Bing or, Do Duck Go. To me though, only Google has the power to return all the info we need.

I see today that today, Cambridge Analytica has closed it’s doors and is filing for Bankruptcy. Were they the sinners or sinned against? Either way nobody want to do business with them they say.

This could effect Marketers, do we want to be in now taking full advantage of all the data at our fingertips, or out? What do you think?

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