My story.

I left school at 17 with a few
qualifications and wanted to join
the Army. I failed a couple of
crucial exams at that time and then
decided to Join the Metropolitan
Police Force in London where I
worked in Central London for over
30 years. That teaches you a bit
about life I can tell you. Like
Omar Martin, a very successful
student of John Thornhill, a former
NY Paramedic, I saw a lot of bad
things and people and felt I needed
to do something to change my life
after I retired from the Police.

Sadly, as old age creeps up on you,
your health deteriorates and after
a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), I
decided I needed a change of
climate to get away from the aches
and pains. I was like a mobile
Weather forecast. I knew when the
Cold and Rain was coming as my
Bones and Joints told me and I
started looking for a way out.

I decided I had to do something. I
made another mistake and instead of
retiring gracefully, I decided I
needed to work more and became a
Hotel and Coffee Shop owner in
Thailand. This did not work out
well. It is very difficult to do
business here and after a while I
had to cut my losses.

I was financially insecure now but
at least my Health was much better.
The people I had helped on the way
up with Business and personal
loans, defaulted on me now
worsening my position. Money became
tight and the uncertainty in the UK
pushed the GBP to an all time low.

It was then I really realised that
the only person who could change
things around was me, and this
combined with my long term Interest
in Internet Marketing and Making
money online, showed me the way
forward. Not any Boss, Not UK
Politicians, Not untrustworthy
friends – there’s only one person
you can really really TRUST –

And here we are today, you sitting
here reading this blog and
hopefully learning from it. Believe
me if someone told me I would be
doing this Today, I would have
laughed, but here we are, now you
may be wondering why I’m telling
you this. Well, here’s why.

I am sure my story is nothing new,
in fact you can probably can relate
to this somehow and if you can, you
only need to understand one thing.
Only one person could do something
about your life.


Once you grasp this concept you can
change for the better, if you hate
your job, hate having no money,
can’t work due to poor health or
are retired or whatever situation
you find yourself in, YOU CAN
CHANGE IT, but only you can do it
(with a little help).

I already know you have what it
takes to become a success or you
wouldn’t be sat here reading this
far down the page, this alone
proves you have the desire to
succeed and as one of my blog
readers I aim to at the very least
put you on that road to success.

My life is already on the way up.
But I couldn’t do it all myself and
you do need to get a Successful
mentor, which I have in John
Thornhills Partnership for success
program. If there is ever anything
I can do to help simply get in
touch and I’ll do my very best to
help. You can contact me through
the support desk or in my Facebook
Group – Best Make Money online tips
2019- a closed group dedicated to
helping newcomers. (You can click
on the FB Link on the Blogpost