Here are 5 Must see really useful
Articles from Digital and Social
Media Marketing Sources around the

Instead of just rehashing the same
old content, here are 5 top of the
range articles to help you model
what the top guys and gals are
doing. There is just so much great
content out there you cannot spend
hours searching for it and then
learn from it.I have saved you
hours of time bringing this to you.

Content writing is still the No1
required skill that many many
companies need.They can’t keep up.

There are really good articles
about writing amazing Copy from
Copyblogger, facts about Mars Space
Exploration, how to overcome Blog
Boredom, a template for simple Lead
Generation which we all need and a
should I talk about CoronaVirus

A good variety that increases your
knowledge in several areas. Did you
actually know that Mars is the most
similar planet to ours we have
found. Find out why we are going

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I love the Copy Blogger article
about Metaphors.

What is a simple definition of a
A metaphor is a figure of speech
that describes an object or action
in a way that isn’t literally true,
but helps explain an idea
or make a comparison. It equates
those two things not because
they actually are the same, but for
the sake of comparison or

So use a good Metaphor to find a
headline that stops
people dead in their tracks. Can
you find one?
Make your own list.

The Brainstorming article is also
very interesting, with a
new way to look at Brainstorming
ideas and how you
can master this by using the
‘Consideration’ Tactic. Also
writing content or Q and A’s that
answer all questions,
is a top Tip.

Well that’s all for today. Hope you
found this useful.
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Paul Watts

Paul Watts
Paul Watts

Many years of Life Experience, lastly as a Hotelier and a Coffee Shop and Indian Restaurant owner. I like to try the unusual. Now retired for the last 3 years living the Laptop lifestyle.

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