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35 Tools to Help your Content Marketing Strategy.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic Marketing approach to attract prospects and transform them into customers by creating and sharing valuable free content in the form of attractive written words, visual Images, video and audio content. Content marketing helps companies create ongoing brand loyalty and provides valuable information to their customers, warming them up to purchase products in the future.

How to create Content.

This can be a very complex subject and forming a content marketing strategy is the first step. These are some of the many tools to help you create this interesting and valuable content you need:

Great Places to increase visibility of your Blog Post:

Linked in

Keyword Tools

Keyword finder is a paid tool which has a limited free use option which
should be more than enough. It also gives you a list of keywords that are
relevant and how difficult it will be to rank for them.

Excuse the name – but Keyword shitter.
It is free tool and will give you hundreds of keywords including long tail phrases. This may be changing as I write.

Google itself.

Enter the phrase and you get the keyword suggestions underneath it in the top search box field. After you have entered your keyword, you can see more suggestions here and from google at the bottom of the page.

Method is the same for all 3 tools. Note the information you are interested in, in an excel or open office file.

I also use a google chrome extension – Keywords Everywhere. This is another free App. It sits at the top right of your page and after you have entered your search term it will give you more keyword terms and their estimated value in Google Ads search terms, so you don’t have to go backwards and forwards to Keyword planner to see the estimated
volume of searches and costs.

Some people do say that the volume estimation can be wildly inaccurate so just bear in mind it is an indication only.

Then you have to do some more work if you want to stand out:

You have to do a separate search through ALL your recorded words or phrases until you are satisfied with your longtail keywords (usually 3 or more words), that people are searching for but have a lower cost if you are using paid ads, as you will find it easier to rank for, if you quote them in videos,articles or a post on your blog.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Where are you in Google page rankings? Are your competitors on a higher page on Google than you?

One of the best tools to help: Yoast SEO WP plugin

Your content may be good, but if no one can find it you will be in trouble.

Yoast will be under your post page and will highlight what you need to do in various areas, eg adjust the Title or meta tags. I will talk about that on another post as some of the info is a little hard to understand.

content marketing
how to create content
content marketing strategy
how to create content for social media
Create your content strategy

Creating Visual Images.

You need to spice up your post with 2 or 3 Images to attract interest or keep interest going. Make them relevant eg a great photo of a Cheese Omlette, does not fit in the middle of an article like this. I will be using 3 Office type or Images of computers for this post.

You can use a free service like Pixabay or Pexels to obtain Royalty free images. It is important to make sure that you have the right to use an image. Wikipedia will also let you use Images. Do a little research. Sometimes you have to credit the photographer for the images of the post.

Canva is another great free tool for Images. You can edit, crop Images and colour etc and add Text anywhere on the image. You can use your images in their templates but check that you have the rights again here. You can use this to make Images, Banners, Facebook Pages and Infographics.

Gimp is another free tool where you can edit Images but there is a bit of a time consuming Learning curve here.

One of the best ways to obtain an Interesting Image, is to pay someone at to do it for you. Guess how much this will cost? Well from $5 Dollars but you could pay more depending what you want. They will do whatever you want but there may be a cost to that, so make sure from the start they understand clearly exactly what you want. Usually they
will offer a couple of free amendments.

Cheapest is not always best but they have to start somewhere. Otherwise look for a high number of jobs completed and their review stars. The more the merrier.

I have not used these Free Video Editors as I have used an inhouse Video tool but here are 3 Top Rated on Google first for Android:

Filmora GoMoviemaker Filmaker YouTube and Instagram and Video Show from the Playstore.

For Mac – Lightworks, Imovie and Davinci Resolve, the free part of a $300 version with many of the same features. Some of them add free backing music tracks both Android and Mac.

Tools to help you send your content to your email list.

Their are 3 main areas to look at when choosing an autoresponder. Ease of working with your list(s) and segmentation. Then comes ease of Automation, how easy to send messages out and lastly Pricing. Some can be very expensive but have more qualities.

The main ones to consider are Aweber, MailChimp, Mailer Lite, Convert Kit, Get Response, Active Campaign and Sendlane. I will expand on this in another post. Some are more user friendly than others and some don’t like Affiliates and their offers.

It is important to have an alternative and back up your lists in case of problems.

Here are 7 Tools for Generating Endless Content Ideas for Your Blog

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator. This is great for generating ideas quickly. You can check this out HERE
BuzzSumo. You can research what the popular posts on blogs or Social Media are for free. You could then write a similar one on the same subject.
UberSuggest. There are several other great tools here for Keyword and Article Research.

Google Trends. Is your subject on the way up or down?

Portent’s Content Idea Generator. You can have a lot of fun here.

It is difficult not to waste a lot of time on some of these sites having fun
so be careful.

content marketing
how to create content
content marketing strategy


I have given you a lot of useful resources here. You have probably heard of many, but I am sure there are few you may not have heard of. As I said, you can spend a lot of time having fun instead of researching, so plan your time as you plan your content.

I have discussed some content building tools,some places to post and Image building tools, some editing tools, auto-responders and a few sites to find some good Ideas and similar content

Get some Ideas and expand them and go from there. Just writing this,
I can see 4 areas where I can provide more advice which may help you
structure your content better,make it look good and be of Interest.

You don’t need all these tools, but get your Content Generators ready, so they can help you prepare better and as a lot of people say – planning is everything, as per the 3Ps, which is an slang word Army saying, which I may tell you about another time.

An informative blog is one of the best ways not only share news about the business, but also to grow your authority in your chosen niche.

All the best

If you like this post or have found it useful please add any additional info in the comments below, especially about the way the drive for content is affecting us all and please share this with a friend or someone who would find this useful. Many thanks.

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