Do I need to know about Content
Marketing? Isn’t that just for the
big boys (and girls)?

There is nothing worse than waiting for a page to load to read a boring rehashed article. This does not make me happy.

I hope I don’t really have to tell
you good/great Content is Vital
Today. That’s why I putting
together a collection of the best
reports for you to study.

Read my 3 Must read articles to help you
quickly build your Content Plan
Good Content is just giving people
what they want or need but it does
not just appear.

Discover some really useful tactics
to help you. Then I have another
report on the importance of
Linked-in and how to build your
network and lastly something to
help you concentrate and unwind
after all your hard work.

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This was new and Golden Oldies
information, that are still right
up there with what you should be
aiming to achieve.

This can show you how to integrate
with your Social Media in a more
productive way.

Content Marketing isn’t just ‘a
thing’ now. It’s essential. In
fact, Content Marketing for
Companies is in Mega demand right
NOW. It’s a big growth industry. If
you want to freelance, there a lot
of opportunities out there if you
know how to do research. Think
about that.

Lastly above, there was the article
on Mindfulness. Is it good for you?
Think about it maybe?

Anyway, I hope you found that
useful and enjoyable today. Please
pass it on to 3 friends if you did.
Spread the love/ It does help.

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Marketing at my Pinterest Board
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Facebook post about Small Business
Marketing and Social Media
Marketing which you see HERE

Until next time, please take care
in these troublesome times.

All the best
Paul Watts

Paul Watts
Paul Watts

Many years of Life Experience, lastly as a Hotelier and a Coffee Shop and Indian Restaurant owner. I like to try the unusual. Now retired for the last 3 years living the Laptop lifestyle.

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